«Stress test for the whole world. We have learned that we need others “

«Stress test for the whole world. We have learned that we need others “
«Stress test for the whole world. We have learned that we need others “

The crisis caused by the covid pandemic was “an extraordinary stress test not only for universities, it was for the whole of society, it was for everyone in every part of the world”. Thus the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in his speech during the inauguration of the 2020/2021 academic year at the State University of Milan. “It is good – he added – to keep attention on what happened”. Indeed, “the goal of defeating the pandemic” has not yet arrived, but “we are quickly on the right track”.

“Covid teaches that we need others”

The day in which the emergency will finally be behind us, “it will be good – continued the Head of State – not to think of removing it from the memory, it will be good to always keep it present, to understand what happened and to derive some behavioral criteria “. According to Mattarella, with the covid pandemic «we have discovered the plot of relationship in our lives. It is one of the experiences that this dramatic phase that we have gone through, and from which we are trying to get out, has given us: the perception that each one needs the others, that each of us has needed all the others and, vice versa, the others have needed each of us ».

A criterion that Mattarella hopes «will not be abandoned and removed from memory and behavior when, fortunately, the emergency phase is over. It is not so at the level of relations between people in our country as in every part of the world and it is not so in international relations between states “.

Cristina Messa, minister of the University and Research and former director of Bicocca, also attended the inauguration. “We trust young people, guaranteeing and respecting their rights”, he said: “From that of being able to access studies regardless of the economic conditions of origin, to that of conducting free research with high percentages of error, and this is because the guarantee is respect for rights are the most powerful engine for the fulfillment of duties ».

Mass: “We organize ourselves to spend Pnrr resources well”

Messa announced that the offices of the Ministry are “preparing proposals for reform, simplification and verification that will make it possible to spend the huge measures implemented with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and other important ordinary and community resources well”. In addition to the Recovery Fund, also the Italian Science Fund with 50 million immediately and 150 million for each year to come: “An investment – explained the minister – in the future, in researchers, to make Italian science competitive in the world and return to attract the brightest minds to Italy. These are actions that, for the first time, together with the reform season, such as the one recently taken on the simplification of the evaluation procedures of research projects, reverse the course and demonstrate how much this government considers research and training central to the growth of the Country”.

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