Gasoline still on the rise, prices at the highest in two years in the wake of oil. Consumers: “Speculation for June 2 bridge”

Fuel prices on the Italian distributor network are still rising. According to weekly data from the Ministry of Economic Development petrol in self mode has practically reached 1.6 euros per liter (1,599 euros), diesel is instead at 1,458 euros. For the green this is the maximum from almost two years, that is from July 2019, while for diesel the price is the highest since February 2020. The increase in pump prices follows the rush of oil, whose value has doubled in the last year. Yesterday, crude oil reached its highest values ​​since 2018, hitting 69.6 dollars a barrel in New York (Wti) and surpassing $ 71 in London (Brent). Since the beginning of the year, the cost of fuel has risen on average by about 8 euros.

However, it is true that the cost of oil accounts for about one third of the final price of gasoline. The rest is largely made up of taxes, as well as transport, refining and distribution. This explains why in the face of increases of oil by more than 90% in the last year, gasoline costs about 11% today more than a year ago. The Consumers Union, however, denounces the possibility that there has also been behavior. ”One of the very few bridges this year was taken advantage of to raise the price of fuel even more. A beautiful and good speculation! Since the beginning of the year, since the survey on January 4, in 5 months, a 50-liter tank has increased by 7 euros and 88 cents for petrol and by 6 euros and 93 cents for diesel “, he said. Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union.

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