Storm in Northern Rome, the area of ​​Ponte Milvio flooded: the images

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08 June 2021 13:40

A storm hit just before 1pm on North Rome. A real downpour that flooded the streets of the Ponte Milvio area. Traders in the street to try to free the drains and allow the water to flow out. As you can see from the video images shot in RomaToday by Giacomo Steiner, the water has exceeded the level of the sidewalk, flooding some commercial activities.

Many motorcyclists on foot and motorists in trouble in the car. In via Castelnuovo di Porto the firefighters intervened to rescue 40 children and 6 adults in a kindergarten, unable to go out.

“We are the usual, every time it rains Ponte Milvio becomes a river in flood that overwhelms our activities. After months of closures and restrictions, today we have to fight against the usual disastrous flooding. Ponte Milvio has been in these conditions for years, but nobody has never done anything to avoid it “- the owner of one of the businesses in the square told RomaToday.


Storm Northern Rome area Ponte Milvio flooded images

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