in a few hours, throughout Liguria … – Libero Quotidiano

in a few hours, throughout Liguria … – Libero Quotidiano
in a few hours, throughout Liguria … – Libero Quotidiano

The case of the 18-year-old suffering from thrombosis a Genoa after receiving the vaccine AstraZeneca it raised concern among young people who had voluntarily booked vaccination. In fact, in the last few hours they have been received 600 cancellations of the Anglo-Swedish preparation by the over 18s who had previously booked it. It seems to have been the case of the young girl, now stable, but still in serious condition and under constant observation, which led to this consistent number of cancellations. at the Policlinico San Martino hospital in Genoa. The girl had undergone interventional neuroradiology surgery on Sunday June 6, 2021, which led to the removal of the thrombus. Later, the neurosurgical team performed further surgery to regulate the intracranial pressure resulting from the bleeding.

There were thousands of young Ligurians who had booked the open day for the anti Covid vaccination, with AstraZeneca but, after the sad case of the 18-year-old, hundreds decided to take a step back. The concern is that the number of cancellations is now set to increase further. To report the mass unsubscription was the governor of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, who at the press conference said: “AstraZeneca has had around 600 cancellations linked to the dramatic events involving an 18-year-old fellow citizen of ours, others continue to book and there have been a few hundred bookings with AstraZeneca “.

The governor, however, reiterated the availability of vaccines, which can also be booked by those who are not included in the categories at risk, or priorities until recently provided by the institutions in charge. “At this moment in Liguria there are voluntary open lists for the over 18 who want to make AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines – explains Toti – the availability of last week is not yet exhausted “. Meanwhile, the extraordinary Commissioner Figliuolo reiterated the goal of vaccinating 80% of Italians by September: “I immediately highlighted the importance of the goal to be achieved, namely that of achieve vaccination of 80% of the population by September. This population also includes the 12-15 year old audience, it is a total of 54.3 million citizens ” the general said.

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