Mara Venier operated again: “I’m living a nightmare”

08 June 2021 13:10

After implantation by the dentist, new maxillofacial surgery

“Friends of Instagram I want to share the nightmare I am living: last Monday I went to a dentist here in Rome for an implant already planned for months … – so the story begins for the fans – I arrived at the office (for now not I say name and address) at 9.30 and I went out at 17.30 after hours !!! Since that moment I have completely lost the sensitivity of part of my face, mouth, throat, lips, chin! ”.

On social media, in fact, he had anticipated when it happened, showing himself in some shots on the Latvian at home with his grandson. He had ice on his mouth and it explained his suffering. Now he explains: “I leave out the rest, this is not the place (we will talk about it elsewhere with the dentist) !!! Thursday rushed to the maxillofacial surgeon Valentini Valentino (whom I thank very much), who after verifying the situation, operated on me on Friday to remove the implant that caused the damage! ”.

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Mara Venier operated living nightmare

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