“Give me 500 euros or I’ll kill you”

“Give me 500 euros or I’ll kill you”
“Give me 500 euros or I’ll kill you”

In Rome, the Tor Vergata carabinieri arrested a 30-year-old Roman, unemployed and already known to the police, accused of attempted extortion.

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Following a request for help arrived at 112 by the man’s father, a 60-year-old of Tunisian origin, disabled, the carabinieri intervened at their home, in via Casilina, where, shortly before, the 30-year-old had threatened him with death demanding the cash sum of 500 euros, necessary to buy doses of cocaine.

The victim reported that his son, a drug addict, now often demanded money for drugs but lately he had become more and more insistent until he came to threaten him with death, even in the presence of the carabinieri who immediately blocked him. The arrested was taken to the barracks, where he was detained pending the very direct rite.

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Give euros Ill kill

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