Michele Merlo, his father Domenico: “We want to file a complaint. This story has many shadows, 118 was on the verge of insult and violence”

“This story has very many shadows, on which we want light ”. To say it is Domenico Merlo, the father of Michele, the 28-year-old singer known with the stage name of “Mike Bird” died on Monday 7 June due tocerebral hemorrhage caused by a fulminant leukemia. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the Merlo family announced in an interview with The Rest of the Carlino to want to clarify what happened to the son: “We will certainly start an investigation: I have already turned to lawyers and we intend to file a complaint. There are many shadows and we want clarity – said Domenico Merlo -. On Wednesday afternoon my son was at the Vergato hospital and, as he later told us, there was practically only him, as a patient “.

“But yet, the doctor who received him would have told him not to clog up the hospitals for a sore throat and two plaques’. Instead my son in addition to plaques, fever and sore throat, had a terrible headache, nosebleed and bruises on the body – continued Michele’s mother, not hiding her anger -. A slightly more careful doctor would have noticed that something was wrong, he would have recognized the symptoms of leukemia and disposed of the investigations “. Not only that: once he returned home from the emergency room, Michele went to see his girlfriend but his health conditions quickly worsened, “until the crisis on Thursday evening. And the stormy intervention of 118 ”, explained the father again.

“Our lawyers will investigate what happened, but certainly the modus operandi of the doctor who intervened was at least unsuitable. My son had seizures and was bleeding from his nose; probably the operator did not know how to manage the situation – concluded Domenico Merlo, reconstructing what happened -. The fact is that he behaved and said utterly inappropriate phrases. On the verge of insult and violence“. Then the hospitalization at the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna and the three days of pharmacological coma in the intensive care unit: Domenico and his wife Katia always remained at the side of their only child but his conditions immediately appeared desperate.

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