The medical department closes at the Bosa hospital, but only until July –

The medical department closes at the Bosa hospital, but only until July
Last covid patients discharged. Tensions over the reorganization of the Mastiff

The five Covid patients still hospitalized in the Bosa hospital will be discharged starting from the next few days, considering that they are cured or no longer need hospital treatment. The ward that hosts them, the Medicine ward, however, will remain closed, but only until the end of the month. This is what emerged from the meeting that took place at the Mastino di Bosa between the commissioner of the Ats Massimo Temussi, the director of the Unico Hospital Sergio Pili, the head of the Department of Medicine Giovanni Maria Mastino, the regional councilor Alfonso Marras and some doctors of the hospital. During the meeting there were some moments of tension, with the director Marras rather disappointed by the closure of the department hypothesized by Pili. Addressing only Temussi, Marras then asked for the resumption of health care, reduced due to the pandemic, through the integration of the now thin staff of the Bosa hospital.

The temporary closure of the Medicine department, as reported to the mayor of Bosa Pierfranco Casula by Commissioner Temussi at the end of the meeting, would be necessary to allow the five doctors plus the head physician who work there to take advantage of the compulsory summer holidays and to sanitize and reorganize the ward in view of the resumption of hospitalization as early as the end of the month, when all the original 25 beds will be made available.

Alfonso Marras

Massimo Temussi

However, the Surgery department is still closed, despite the fact that both the councilor Marras and the mayor Pier Franco Casula have asked for the resumption of surgical activity at least with short-term hospitalizations. “The one in Bosa – remarked Casula – is a hospital with a disadvantaged location and as such it must be able to operate adequately in all its joints, including also the departments of surgery, radiology, anesthesia and analysis laboratory”.

It should be remembered that the five surgeons in force at Mastino are currently employed in the Emergency Department, which in turn has lent two of its specialists to the Medicine Department, and that only two anesthetists work at the Bosa hospital. The current distribution of medical personnel would therefore seem confirmed also for the summer period, when the hospital’s activity is destined to increase with the arrival of numerous tourists. However, Temussi ensured the destination to the hospital in Bosa of one or two doctors included in the ranking of a recent competition for internists. The Ats commissioner also announced the purchase of a new CT scan and a new instrument to be used in endoscopies.

Pier Franco Casula

Marras and Casula also recalled the serious inconveniences linked to the absence of a pediatric clinic in Bosa and the difficulty in accessing care for autistic children and children with severe neurological diseases.

“Impossible to impose the opening of a pediatric clinic in Bosa – explained Temussi – considering that at least 600 children from 0 to 6 years old would be needed compared to the approximately 300 now resident.” However, it was agreed on the possibility of activating a pediatric clinic in a hospital room for at least a few days, in derogation from current legislation. Temussi also made a commitment to tackle the problems reported several times by the parents of children with autism and with neurological diseases.

The regional councilor of Psd’Az Alfonso Marras is moderately satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. “Despite the serious difficulties that health care has to face at the moment – says Marras – we have obtained some significant commitment to restart both hospital and territorial health services. Obviously we will monitor compliance with the programs and the responses that will arrive to the legitimate needs and expectations of the citizens of our territory ”.

“As mayor”, comments Pier Franco Casula, “I will continue to carry out and claim the resolution made unanimously by the Municipal Council of Bosa asking that our hospital continue to be recognized as disadvantaged hospital, with all the services that this naturally entails. This is a position on which we are adamant ”.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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