Young Turks are frightening and Her Majesty is already tired

Young Turks are frightening and Her Majesty is already tired
Young Turks are frightening and Her Majesty is already tired

The national team potentially more … tired at the beginning of the European Championships? The English one, as often happens. The youngest, however, is the Turkish one. These are some of the data on the participants in Euro 2020 that can be found in the latest research published by the Cies Football Observatory, the international center for studies on sport created in Switzerland 16 years ago by two specialists, Raffaele Poli and Loïc Ravenel.

The case of England is particular: at the time the document came out, in fact, the members of the squad coached by Gareth Southgate had played on average, in the league, 2496 minutes, the highest total of all the finalists, but the substitution of the injured Trent Alexander-Arnold, 3033 minutes, with Ben White, 3196, even raised the odds. Of those 26, 23 have accumulated in the Premier League, given that there are only three players from foreign clubs in the squad: the duo of Borussia Dortmund Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham and Kieran Trippier, fresh champion of Spain with Atletico Madrid, even if stopped for over two months due to disqualification. Behind the British are Portugal (2403), Holland (2292), Spain (2297) and France (2226): on Spain, of course, there is the specter of a reversal due to the positivity of Sergi Busquets’ Covid 19, but the June 1 remains valid.

Italy is seventh with 2177, while North Macedonia (1398) and Ukraine (1390) close the ranking, in these hours at the center of a dispute with Russia for the inclusion, in the jersey, of a map of the country that includes also Crimea, annexed by the Russians in 2014, and the Lugansk and Donetsk regions, controlled by separatist forces.

The tremendous group F, with Portugal, France, Germany and Hungary, is the one that will have the greatest load of minutes, moderated only by the presence of the Hungarians (fifteenth) while the least worn-out group should be the C, with the aforementioned Ukraine, Macedonia Northern, Austria (1876) and Holland.

However, the prospects are reversed by the data on the average age of the roses, and theoretically therefore also on the freshness: the lowest is that of Turkey, 24.9 years, with the British second at 25.2, followed by Wales ( 25.5), Ukraine at 26.4. So pay attention to the team coached by Andriy Shevchenko: it is among the youngest and least tired, and it is a very encouraging combination, given that the recent Champions League final has shown that the so-called international experience is not all that fundamental.

Italy, before Stefano Sensi’s defection, was in thirteenth place with 27.7. The oldest coach, but here we come out of the Cies search, is in retaliation that of Turkey, enol Güne, 69 years old on the first day of June, while the youngest is Shevchenko, 44 ​​years old.

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