Simplified support competitions, Casa (M5S): a decree is enough to open them and have tenured teachers in September [INTERVISTA]

“On the Sostegni Bis decree, I will present several amendments to my first signature, provisions that will concern school sizing, competitions on support, the introduction of the school psychologist and the administrative coordinator. I have been working on the issues of school sizing and support for girls and boys with disabilities for a long time, both of these issues have in fact been the subject of amendments to my first signature approved in the latest budget law ”.

Thus Vittoria Casa, parliamentarian of the M5S and president of the Culture Commission in the Chamber, explains the next interventions for the school starting from the amendments to the Sostegni Bis decree.

Let’s start with school sizing, a long-term problem given our demographic dynamics. How did it go this year and what does your amendment foresee?
At the end of December, an amendment to my first signature to the budget law became law allowing the lowering of the minimum threshold of pupils that schools must have in order not to lose the figures of the school manager and the DSGA, strategic figures for the correct and profitable functioning of educational institutions.

This limit drops from a minimum of 600 to a minimum of 500 students in ordinary cases, and from a minimum of 400 to a minimum of 300 in cases concerning small islands, mountain municipalities and areas characterized by linguistic specificities.

This is a measure that for 2020-21 has prevented many schools from going to the regency and which must be continuous if the negative effects of the physiological decline in the school population are to be avoided: a phenomenon that could potentially lead to the disappearance of hundreds of institutions. scholastics. Safeguarding school communities, especially outside the big cities, means avoiding significant inconvenience to families and students.

For this reason I will present in the next Sostegni Bis Decree an amendment to my first signature capable of giving structural character to the new parameters, guaranteeing the necessary continuity. After a year of Dad, of closures and reopening, it is necessary to give planning, serenity and continuity to the school life of students, teachers and managers of individual institutes.

Also for what concerns the competitions relating to support teachers there is an ad hoc rule in the latest budget law …
The issue of school recruitment is very complex and much discussed. On teaching girls and boys with disabilities, however, I believe that time has largely run out and that there is a need to give quick and effective answers to the thousands of families who need certainty and continuity.

We have thousands of already trained teachers who have made a long and complex course of specialization: that is, they have taken a selective test, a written, an oral and an internship in the classes.

Their professionalism and their work would be essential to give pupils and pupils with disabilities the necessary support to develop all their growth potentials and to foster their true inclusion. Precisely for this reason, in December, in the budget law, I presented an amendment to my first signature that allows the ministry to announce simplified procedures for the entry into the role of these teachers in possession of the specialization qualification. Only a decree from the Minister would be enough to open the procedures and already have tenured supporting teachers in September.
I hope that the situation will clear up soon, I am working on an amendment to the DL Sostegni Bis to go in this direction. The law allows it and there are also financial coverage.

Still in the soon-to-be-approved Sostegni decree, are there also other areas of intervention you are working on?

Absolutely yes. I will present an amendment to my first signature to establish the figure of the school psychologist and another for that of administrative coordinator.
In the first case it is a question of giving structural support to the school staff and to the children who face the difficult phase of growth. After more than a year of a pandemic, we all need support. For teachers and managers, disrupting teaching was not at all easy. For an entire generation of girls and boys, living closed at home, often excluded from everything, without comparison, without sport, without school in attendance, was complicated to say the least.

At the end of May, the government has already approved an agenda of mine on the subject. Now it is a question of going further and making what I consider a pressing necessity a norm.

And what about the administrative coordinator?
In schools there is still a lot of work to be done to get out of the Covid-19 emergency in an orderly manner. Often this work is of an administrative nature and institutions lack reference figures. The “administrative coordinator”, despite being contractually provided for, is a job that has never been activated. An amendment to my first signature provides for the establishment of a ranking by exhaustion for this figure.


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