Molfetta, bribes in the Municipality: 16 people arrested, the mayor investigated

Sixteen arrests were carried out in the area north of Bari by the Guardia di Finanza for corruption crimes relating to alleged bribes for contracts to the Municipality of Molfetta: an investigation in which the mayor is also investigated Tommaso Minervini.

The military of Molfetta and Barletta, together with the staff of the provincial command of Bari, notified an order of the Gip of the Court of Trani between Bari, Barletta Andria Trani and Foggia with which precautionary measures were ordered against 16 people held responsible for crimes of corruption: 10 in prison and 6 under house arrest. These are municipal employees and entrepreneurs. The disputed facts date back to the period 2019-2020.

Molfetta, procurement investigation: mayor Minervini investigated

by Chiara Spanish

November 05, 2020

In November, as part of the same investigation, about thirty searches had been carried out which also involved the mayor of Molfetta, Minervini, against whom no precautionary measure was issued.

Molfetta, investigation into contracts with the Municipality: the Review cancels seizure of money, pc and documents to the mayor and councilor

19 December 2020

The first citizen is however among the suspects in the investigation of the Prosecutor of Trani: he is accused of disturbed freedom of the procedure for choosing the contractor. Overall, the suspects are 41, of which 34 are natural persons and 7 companies.

The crimes alleged for various reasons are auction disruption, corruption, forgery, misdirection and embezzlement. The former municipal councilor for public works ended up in prison Mariano Caputo and the former city councilor Anna Sara Castriotta, the municipal official Orazio Lisena and seven between entrepreneurs and designers: Riccardo Di Santo, Andrea Ladogana, Valerio Di Gregorio, Domenico Tancredi, Paolo Conforti, Francesco e Pasquale Ieva.

The chairman of the tender commission of one of the piloted contracts is under house arrest, Vincenzo Manzi, and another 5 between entrepreneurs and employees of the companies involved: Francesco Sancilio, Mauro Giancaspro, Michele Palmiotti, Maurizio Bonafede, Vito De Robertis.

The investigation is coordinated by the prosecutors of Trani Francesco Tosto e Francesco Aiello, under the supervision of the prosecutor Renato Nitti and concerns numerous incidents of corruption against public officials, which resulted in 23 counts of indictment. The disputed works concern the redevelopment of Piazza Moro in Molfetta, of the former cement factory, a bathing establishment managed by a municipal councilor, the bitumenation of some city streets, public lighting, the supply of furnishings for the municipal library, supply of electronic panels for the athletics track, the new port works.

During the searches carried out in the autumn, the financial police had found manuscripts that are supposed to be attributable to the amounts of the donations of money paid by the entrepreneurs to public officials as well as sums of money that were believed to be incompatible with the sources of income and therefore it was supposed were the fruit of tagenti. There are also searches in the municipal offices.

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