Michele Merlo, the father: “Too many shadows, we’ll ask for an autopsy”

Domenico, the father of Michele Merlo, the ‘Mike Bird of Amici 16 (edition aired in 2017) who died at 28 from a cerebral hemorrhage (caused by a fulminant leukemia), promises that he will do everything possible to have certain answers regarding the death of his son. “This story has a lot of shadows, on which we want to shed some light”, he explains in an interview with Il Resto del Carlino.

Michele, the day before being hospitalized and emergency surgery, had gone to the Vergato hospital but was “sent home without even a medical report”.

“Definitely a ‘investigation we will start it: I have already contacted the lawyers and we intend to file a complaint – Domenico declares -. There are a lot of shadows and we want clarity. Wednesday afternoon my son was at the Vergato hospital and, as he later told us, there was practically only him, as a patient. Yet, the doctor who welcomed him allegedly told him not to clog the hospitals for a sore throat and two plaques. Instead my son in addition to plaques, fever and sore throat, had a terrible headache, nosebleed and bruises on the body. A slightly more attentive doctor would have noticed that something was wrong, he would have recognized the symptoms of leukemia and ordered the tests “.

After returning from the Vergato hospital, the singer went “to the house of his girlfriend who lives in a hamlet of Marzabotto”. “But things got worse – adds the father – until the crisis on Thursday evening. And the stormy intervention of 118 … Our lawyers will investigate what happened, but certainly the modus operandi of the doctor who intervened was at least unsuitable. My son had the convulsions and he was bleeding from his nose; probably the operator did not know how to handle the situation. The fact is that he behaved and said utterly inappropriate phrases. On the verge of insult and violence “.

Then the admission to the Maggiore hospital in Bologna: “Doctor Carlo Coniglio’s team and the entire tenth floor of the Maggiore were fabulous. They apologized for the treatment they had given us. We have already had two meetings with the director of the department to take stock of the situation. We want to see if this could have been avoided. Therefore we will also ask that theautopsy on Michele’s body. Then we can think about the funeral and give him the last farewell ”.

Michele Merlo, the note of the family

Close to Domenico’s interview, the Merlo family released a press release in which they reiterated the words of Miche’s father and asked to “carry out the necessary investigations in order to verify whether there have been any previous errors and / or omissions to hospitalization at the Major who have irreversibly determined the fate of their child “.

“To this end – continues the note – assisted by their consultants and lawyers, they will proceed in the morning to file the formal complaint necessary to request the start of the procedures for the seizure of the body and medical records”.

“Domenico and Katia, Michele’s father and mother wish to thank all the medical and paramedical staff and the managers of the resuscitation department of the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna for the professionalism and humanity shown in the terrible hours that preceded the death of their son – concludes the note -. They also take advantage of this press release to inform that the date of the funeral will be communicated only after the judicial authority has decided which actions to take “.

Virgil News | 08-06-2021 08:34

Photo source: ANSA

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