MotoGP | Quartararo, Alpinestars: “Suit perfectly functional” – Motorcycle

MotoGP | Quartararo, Alpinestars: “Suit perfectly functional” – Motorcycle
MotoGP | Quartararo, Alpinestars: “Suit perfectly functional” – Motorcycle

In these first seven races of 2021 Fabio Quartararo he did not have as opponents only the drivers on the track besides himself. In Spain El Diablo had to face the compartment syndrome in the right forearm that relegated him from the first to the 14th position, in Spain in Barcelona last Sunday the 1999 class had to deal in the final of the race with the protection for the bust thrown away with the race concluded with an open suit by the official Yamaha rider.

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The race marshals, with great delay, have decided to sanction Quartararo with three second penalty, a decision that relegated him from fourth to sixth. Casey Stoner on Twitter practically live claimed that the Frenchman was a black flag for the dangerousness of the gesture, an opinion shared by Quartararo himself (but not by Jorge Lorenzo) once the anger subsided for a result below expectations .

The Alpinestars, a company that supplies racing material to Quartararo, immediately conducted the first analyzes on the suit in question in Barcelona, ​​publishing on Twitter the results. Below are the words of the Italian company: “After Sunday’s MotoGP race in Barcelona, ​​the Alpinestars Racing Development team has launched an investigation into the integrity of Fabio Quartararo’s racing suit. After an initial post-race analysis carried out in the Alpinestars Racing Development truck located in the MotoGP paddock, the team found that the suit was in normal working condition, with all zippers and closures in perfect working order. In addition, all components of the suit, including the Tech-Air airbag system, were intact and fully functional. This is only a first evaluation, which will be further investigated once the suit is in Alpinestars laboratory at Alpinestars headquarters, to conduct all the tests and analyzes to better understand the cause of what happened. The Tech-Air Airbag System did not open during the race, it worked as expected, as there was no crash situation ”.


MotoGP Quartararo Alpinestars Suit perfectly functional Motorcycle

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