The scream, then the suicide: “When we arrived it was already cold”

The scream, then the suicide: “When we arrived it was already cold”
The scream, then the suicide: “When we arrived it was already cold”

He tied an electrical cord around his neck, the other end of the wire attached to a shelf in his bedroom. He squeezed until his breathing stopped. That’s how Laura, one little girl just 13 years old, yes he is committed suicide Sunday evening in an apartment in Torpignattara, a neighborhood on the outskirts of Rome. “She was bullied by some classmates“, says the mother in an outburst on Facebook.

The tragedy

A death premature, the dramatic epilogue of an existence that is still young and still to be lived. The facts date back to Sunday 6 June, around midnight, in a house in the capital. Laura – not her real name – was alone in the house. Her mother had left to go to a small pub on the street corner where she works as a cleaner. When she returned, around 11.45pm, she looked into the room to say goodnight to her daughter. The last seconds of serenity before the tragedy. “We heard him scream like a desperate – says Massimo, a neighbor, on the pages of Il Messaggero –we flew home, tried everything to save Laura. So the ambulance doctors. I tried to revive her myself. But there was nothing to be done, because the child was already cold“Next to the lifeless body of the thirteen year old, the empty dinner plate.

“She was bullied”

Laura was a bright girl, a model student and always kind to everyone. However, with that body who as a child was turning into a woman, coexisted badly. She didn’t feel beautiful. And it does not matter that the mother, the teachers and some friends repeated them every day “perfect“Laura tried to hide her new shapes as much as possible in oversized dresses and a fringe that covered her eyes.

Her best friends had excluded and bullied her– says the mother – after she had argued with one of them, due to a misunderstanding, my daughter had been isolated. They made fun of her, they put her in their sights. This is why I insisted so much that she change section at school, but those girls did not leave her alone and in recent days they had rebuilt themselves“. On Fb the woman posted a photo of a hug together:”Forgive all evil received – writes – and may the earth be light to you“.

The investigations

Laura’s family was followed by the Social Services of the 5th municipality after the separation of parents. Her world was in the old “Torpigna”, grown up with her mother, aunts and grandmother. According to the investigations, the girl was followed by the psychologists of Umberto I after a report from the school to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In the past he had manifested self-harming ailments, cutting his arms and legs, a symptom of profound restlessness. In order to exclude others, any causes that led to the extreme act, the carabinieri of the Compagnia Casilina seized her mobile phone and computer for technical checks. The doubt is that the girl may have also been the victim of a death game on social.

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