the Titan of Cheon in Porta Romana is only visible for one month

the Titan of Cheon in Porta Romana is only visible for one month
the Titan of Cheon in Porta Romana is only visible for one month

Milano – Among street artist most internationally successful Italians, Cheone is known for its walls which over the years have become a reference point for many lovers ofanamorphic street art both national and international. Cheone has recently created one of the most evocative murals in Milan: The Titan, a grandiose work of art that appeared in Corso di Porta Romana 111/113, with the protagonist is Cheone himself in the act of affixing a tag and visible until 30 June 2021.

In the world of graffiti and street art, put a tag (name) on a wall means to impose one’s artistic presence with a code, a sign, a writing that becomes universally unique and recognized. It means appropriating it and leaving a new trace. In this case the work represents the brand Casavo and Cheone wanted to create an art wall to highlight the impact on the real estate market through the redevelopment of the cities in which the brand operates.

I titanium of Cheone have made the history ofanamorphic street art, exploiting and researching construction details of the wall to recreate three-dimensional works. Her Hall Of Fame a Nerviano it is a destination for tours of enthusiasts who come from all over Italy and Europe and its walls are absolutely among the most photographed. The works of the new art wall began on May 28 and ended on June 4, 2021, with Cheone who signed the spray cans used for the mural and gave them to Milanese passers-by who stopped curious to follow the creation process. For Cheone this is the first imposing wall in the heart of Milan.


Titan Cheon Porta Romana visible month

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