the lawyer Amara arrested, residence obligation for the former prosecutor Capristo-

the lawyer Amara arrested, residence obligation for the former prosecutor Capristo-
the lawyer Amara arrested, residence obligation for the former prosecutor Capristo-

New precautionary measures were notified by the magistrates of Potenza to the former prosecutor of Taranto Carlo Maria Capristo and the Sicilian lawyer Piero Amara arrested this morning by the Guardia di Finanza as part of a branch of the Potenza investigation that it also concerns the former Ilva of Taranto. For the former head of the Ionian Prosecutor’s Office, the obligation to stay in Bari was ordered. The disputed facts, there is talk of alleged favors linked to the former Ilva, would go back to the period in which Capristo was a prosecutor in Taranto and Amara was legal consultant of the steel company when the company was under extraordinary administration. In this capacity, he would have had relations with Capristo.

Corruption in judicial acts

In addition to the lawyer Amara, they are also under investigation in the same line of investigation linked to the former Ilva the lawyer Giacomo Ragno, now under house arrest, e the official of the Interior Ministry Filippo Paradiso (former head of the secretariat of Sibilia), for whom the prison was ordered as the lawyer Amara. The hypothesis of a crime challenged by the power prosecutor to the former prosecutor of Taranto Capristo, who was also a prosecutor in Trani, of corruption in judicial acts: in the order of the investigating judge it is specified that it is a serial and concerted type of conduct … implemented for a long period of time and expression of considerable organizational and relational skills.

Pressures on the CSM for the career of the prosecutor

Capristo, we read in the acts of the Prosecutor’s Office signed by the chief prosecutor Francesco Curcio, he permanently sold his judicial function to Amara and Nicola Nicoletti (consultant to the Ilva commissioners) both at the prosecutor’s office of Trani and at that of Taranto to obtain favors for his career. While Paradiso acted as an intermediary between the Sicilian lawyer and the prosecutor (and for this he was paid by Amara). Concluding his office as Attorney of the Republic of Trani in 2016, in fact Capristo would have remained without managerial positions. But, according to the prosecutor’s office, Amara and Paradiso (which acted in synergy and coordinating with each other) carried out a constant activity of pressure, solicitation and recommendation on the members of the CSM (known to them directly or indirectly) or on subjects deemed capable of influencing on the latter for information on vacant executive positions that were of interest to the Capristo.

Control over the Ilva process

In exchange for the favors to get his appointment, the prosecutor would have guaranteed adjustments also in the context of the former Ilva trial, according to the documents of the Potenza investigation. During the interrogations last June, in fact, the lawyer Angelo Loreto (defender of the legal entity Ilva) declared that during the trial of the former Ilva, Nicoletti, consultant to the commissioners, had to make favorable acts for the steel company then under extraordinary administration : In 2017, at the end of the investigation, the legal person remained a stranger, which was a success for me … Although I remember that Nicoletti confronted me with a very angry air, complaining about the outcome of the trial, declared the lawyer. Almost as if he expected a total dismissal of the proceedings, as if I had not been sufficiently skilled in averting what happened. In this circumstance Nicoletti referred to the fact that with the appointment of Capristo, on whom he hinted that he had had an impact, a role, positive results must now be expected. I began to focus on the reason why Nicoletti starting from the summer of 2016, whenever the Prosecutor issued a guarantee information against the ILL, he was particularly angry, as if something absolutely abnormal had been done, the legal.

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Relations at the highest level of the two suspects

Amara is collaborating with the prosecutor of Perugia in the investigation into the alleged “lodge Hungary” that he himself has unveiled. Paradiso, an official of the Interior Ministry, accused in Rome with Amara for trafficking in illicit influences. And to justify the decision of detention in prison, the judge underlines in the order the particular relational and taxing force of the two suspects: having shown that they act, communicate and give orders, in multiple institutional directions of the highest level, in a sprawling way, through illicit acts exchanges of favors (with systems that undermine the principles on which democratic and civil society is founded, as well as the rule of law), even guiding the appointment of a Public Prosecutor for personal interest. The two, together with their border line business circle, as defined by the prosecutor, would also have used communication systems capable of evading investigation and control, such as Wickr, that is the encrypted instant messaging application.

The investigation into the Eni conspiracy

When he was in Trani, Capristo would also have accredited Amara with Eni: Carlo Maria Capristo, in his capacity as attorney of the republic of Trani, accredited the lawyer Pietro Amara with Eni, as an interim lawyer in the Trani judicial circles able to speak directly with the heads of the prosecutor’s office, the Potenza prosecutor’s office writes in the ordinance that led to the precautionary measures for Amara and Capristo.

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