“Uncle strangled her. I’m afraid it kills me too “

“Uncle strangled her. I’m afraid it kills me too “
“Uncle strangled her. I’m afraid it kills me too “

“If you tell something, I’ll kill you too.” The brother of is 16 years old Saman and it is he who revealed the horror of his family to the carabinieri. His sister killed by zio Danish Hasnain, because he refused arranged marriage in Pakistan. The crying father. «I asked him where the body was – he said – I wanted to hug her one last time. He replied that he couldn’t tell me. ‘ Saman’s brother, stopped in Imperia with his uncle and cousins, after his parents’ departure for Pakistan, now lives in a protected structure. He will have to testify in the case of an evidentiary incident and not only because he is minor, the fear of the prosecutor is that he may be influenced by relatives.

For the investigating judge, who signed five custody orders, against the girl’s parents, uncle and cousins, the sixteen-year-old is consistent: “Now I tell you the whole truth – the boy vented – my uncle killed Saman . I’m afraid of him because he told me that if I told the police what happened, he would kill me. I also thought of killing my uncle Danish, while he was sleeping, since he killed my sister, but then I thought that the carabinieri would take care of it and that if I did that I would end up in prison ».


It is the night of April 30, Saman sends the last message to her boyfriend at 11.30 pm: “If you don’t hear me within two days, call the police.” Then he quarrels for the umpteenth time with his parents. “Give me the documents,” he says to his father. He asks her if she wants to marry someone: “No, I just want to go away and not marry anyone.” Then the 18-year-old, whom social services called “stubborn and determined,” took her things and ran away. The father then called his uncle: “Saman has gone away again.” “I’m coming now,” Hasnain’s reply. “Now go, now I’ll take care of it,” his uncle would have said to Shabbar Habbas, 46, and Nazia Shaheen, 47, Saman’s parents. He returned home with the girl’s backpack, but Saman was not there: «We did a job well done. Now everything is settled ». At this point, according to the sixteen-year-old, “my father felt ill and started crying, he was almost fainting for my sister.” The uncle, on the other hand, confesses to his nephew that he killed the girl, but does not tell him where she has hidden the body. “I think he killed her by strangling her, because when he came home he had nothing in his hand. Uncle Danish – continued the boy – cried a lot and told me not to cry ». It is May 2nd when the parents return to Pakistan.


According to the investigating judge of Reggio Emilia Luca Ramponi Hashnain, currently wanted, would therefore be the perpetrator of the murder, while the investigating magistrate specifies about the parents: “It is certain that they had also planned to kill her to punish her for distancing herself from the precepts of Islam and for the rebellion against the family will as well as for the constant escapes from home ». It must therefore be assumed that in calling their uncle, who all the family members knew was a violent man, to fix things, they accepted the risk that he would kill her. In instigating their uncle to resolve the matter, they essentially consented to “the homicidal outcome because of their intimate ethical and religious convictions.” The investigating judge reconstructs: Shabbar Abbas had prevented his daughter from going to high school, “often locked her out of the house forcing her to sleep on the sidewalk” and “wanted to force her to return to Pakistan to marry a cousin”.

So at the end of November, the girl, still a minor, had been removed from her family. Hasnain, 33, and Saman’s two cousins, Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq, 34, and Ikram Ijaz, 29, accused together with the girl’s parents for kidnapping, premeditated murder aggravated by futile reasons, were checked in the province of Imperia on May 10. . With them was also Saman’s brother who was taken to a protected place. The others, on the other hand, continued on to France. Ijaz was then stopped by the French police ten days ago. On 5 May, when the carabinieri had been at the home of Saman’s family in Novellara for a search, they became suspicious: the uncle had said that the girl had left home at 17 on 30 April, her brother instead at 22. this was the reason why the military contacted her fiancé “who declared that the young woman did not have a telephone and was secretly using her mother’s” and that he had had the last contact with her at 11.30 pm on April 30 and was “very worried about her safety”.

Saman had returned home on April 11, despite the contrary opinion of social services. On the 22nd he called the carabinieri denouncing the family.

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