fundamental for the prevention of Covid-19

fundamental for the prevention of Covid-19
fundamental for the prevention of Covid-19

08/06/2021 – To prevent the spread of Covid-19, the sanitation of environments is essential. And sanitation does not only mean disinfection of surfaces, but above all “control and improvement of the conditions of the microclimate as regards temperature, humidity and ventilation”. To affirm it is thelast report drawn up by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), containing a series of recommendations addressed to non-health facilities.

Ventilation and spread of Covid-19

According to the report, the risk of contagion through droplets or airways outweighs that from contact with contaminated surfaces or objects. Closed environments, with inadequate ventilation or air handling, therefore represent a risk factor, so much so that last March the World Health Organization (WHO) issued guidelines to improve the ventilation and air quality of buildings.

In addition to opening the windows, the ISS report suggests the use of air purification and sanitation.

The report specifies that ventilation alone does not lower the risk of virus transmission, especially in very crowded environments, where people stay for some time, such as classrooms. In these cases, in addition to ventilation, it is necessary to intervene on other parameters, such as crowding and exposure times.

Ventilation: purifiers and ionizers

The ISS report underlines that, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the supply of devices and systems capable of associating the air filtration and purification with the sanitization of the environments. On the market there are purifiers that, in addition to filters of various types, allow the ionization of the air, that is the destruction of germs and viruses through the introduction of specific molecules.

Filtration, according to the law in the report, is already in itself a procedure capable of improving the air quality of indoor environments, provided that devices suited to the volume of the rooms are used and that the efficiency of the filters used is frequently checked.

Controlled mechanical ventilation and 110% superbonus

It is useful to remember that mechanical ventilation systems can get the Superbonus if their installation:
– it is the only system to eliminate the risk of mold and condensation;
– takes place in conjunction with building insulation or replacement of systems.

Ventilation and air purification, the systems on the market

On Edilportale and Archiproducts it is possible to browse to discover a series of systems and products that allow air treatment, come i air purifiers, integrated air handling units, aerators, forced mechanical ventilation systems, air filtration devices and purifiers, air flow regulators.

Among the components of the heating and air conditioning systems, you can also choose vents and diffusers e ventilation grilles.

In the section dedicated to Covid sanitation and prevention you can then navigate between the air purification systems.

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