Enzo Bianchi left the Monastero di Bose after a dispute that lasted more than a year

The monk and Christian theologian Enzo Bianchi left the Monastero di Bose, which he had founded in 1968, at the end of a controversy that had lasted for more than a year.

In May 2020, the Catholic Church had decided to remove Bianchi due to internal tensions deemed unsolvable, caused according to the Church by Bianchi’s interference with the new prior, Luciano Manicardi. For a long time Bianchi had refused to accept the provision and had remained to live in his house within the grounds of the Monastery, which many Italian progressive Catholics consider an important point of reference.

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Last night Bianchi finally announced

to have left the Monastery. The reporter from Republic Francesco Antonioli, very well informed on the internal dynamics of the community, wrote that the move took place at the end of May and that Bianchi now lives “in a Turin apartment made available by friends after a quick renovation”.

Antonioli writes that according to his sources it will be a “bridge solution”, “waiting to be able to land in a farmhouse or in some abandoned reality where to give life to a new community, perhaps as early as 2022: with the monks and nuns, about a dozen, ready to detach “from the Monastery of Bose. The hypothesis of a split in the Monastery had already circulated in recent months.

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