Stadio Roma, the company that was to build it wrote to the Campidoglio: “The public interest was of the city, it must be done anyway”. And he threatens to ask for damages

It had to be “one stadium done well“. It turned into one tarantella without end, which ends in the most obvious of ways: with strokes of mail certified. The Roma stadium project a Tor Di Valle is now on its way to sunset, after the waiver of the Giallorossi club. Ma Eurnova, the company that was supposed to build the plant and that has long since reached an agreement with another builder, does not give up. And a week after the mayor’s decision Virginia Raggi and its councilors of revoke public interest in the work, wrote a harsh letter to Capitol, defining “aberrant”, the decision of the junta, which would frustrate investments for millions of euros. For Eurnova the stadium must be done anyway. Even if nobody plays it. At the heart of Eurnova’s claims is thepublic interest on the work, which had been voted by thecapitoline assembly in December 2014 when the mayor was Ignatius Marino, and subsequently confirmed on 14 June 2017. “The resolution that is intended to be revoked – writes Eurnova, referring to the upcoming vote scheduled in assembly capitoline – had as its object the declaration of public interest in realization of a new stadium; but the interest considered was that of the city of Roma and not of AS Roma “. For this reason, according to Eurnova the process cannot be stopped, “Since issued outside of any schema regulatory current”.

According to the manufacturers, the waiver of the society yellow and red to use the plant, would not be sufficient to justify the blocking of the bureaucratic process. “The current regulatory system – reads the letter – does not, in fact, foresee at all that the agreement with a sport Society who assumes the role of user of the system constitutes a necessary element for the continuation and conclusion of the procedure initiated for the construction of a sports facility already declared of public interest “. Basically, the work must be done. Regardless of his use. The risk is to pay heavy penalties. At least so he claims Eurnova which closes the letter, addressed to the Mayor Virginia Raggi, to the councilors, to the council commissions and to the public prosecutor’s office Conti Court, dreading compensation and possible actions for compensation. “In taking the incomprehensible initiative, he exposes himself Rome capital city to the obligation to pay compensation for the enormous damage that would be caused if said Proposal were accepted by theAssembly, only because, in the hurry to adhere uncritically to requests from AS Roma, not even care was taken to verify the continuing validity of the rules on which this initiative was founded “.

The main accusation against Virginia Raggi and her followers assessors is to have blasted a investment decisive for the city. “It’s really abhorrent and unbelievable that this council could have assumed, on the basis of these evidently erroneous assumptions, an initiative of this gravity, capable of nullifying investments for over one hundred million euros, to cause lost profits for still and much higher amounts, to deprive the City of Rome a public work of extraordinary importance and an initiative entrepreneurial of enormous impact on the economy, not just the local one, capable of attracting huge capital and creating numerous jobs “. In short, Eurnova’s letter would like to warn the arrived capitoline, who are asked to retrace his steps, and the directors who are preparing to vote the revocation of the public utility. But from the Capitol they are sure they have followed the correct process. For this the concern is minimal. On the other hand, already last March the company had tried with another pec, of the same tenor, of to block the revocation, asking “to consider completely ineffective AS Roma’s request to consider no more binding the obligations assumed by the same at the time “. The request, however, had fallen on deaf ears, without being able to stop the course of events.

Between mayors, judicial inquiries and twists, the soap opera about the stadium Roma in the area of ​​the former racecourse of Tor di Valle has been dragging on for almost a decade. Starting in October 2012 when James Pallotta, at the time the new president of Rome, meets the mayor Gianni Alemanno. Tor Di Valle is just one of the options on the table. A hypothesis that becomes concrete a year later. The first project of the work is entrusted to the archistar Dan Meis and is officially presented in Capitol in March 2014. The mayor is Ignatius Marino, elected a few months earlier, who strongly believes in the project. So much so that on December 23, only two weeks after the explosion of the renamed investigation Mafia Capital, the Capitoline assembly votes the resolution that recognizes the public utility. “This will be the first stage that will take place according to i parameters indicated in this regulation which is applied for the first time in the capital of Italy “. The mayor rejoices. And almost immediately, the following year, the gelogical reliefs in the Tor di Valle area.

The Iter has left, but in the meantime Ignazio Marino is coming disheartened. In May 2016 he is the prefect Francesco Paolo Tronca which receives the final project, which in addition to the sports facility includes a business center characterized by three towers. A few weeks after the 5 Star Movement wins the city elections and becomes mayor Virginia Raggi. The following November opens the conference of services, which ends with a stalemate. The 5 Star Movement he is not convinced of the project. The junta calls for a sharp reduction in cubature of business park and the elimination of the three towers. The project is remodeled according to the new requests. “The stadium done well” is born, as the mayor also renames it Virginia Rays. And on December 5, 2017, the ok in services conference. The hope is that the works can begin as early as 2019. A few months later, however, in June 2018, the builder Luca Parnasi, owner of the Eurnova company is arrested as part of the investigation Renaissance which revolves around the construction of the new Roma stadium. The charge for the builder is that of criminal association aimed at corruption. In March 2019, as part of a second strand of the same investigation, he was also arrested Marcello De Vito, leading exponent of the 5 Roman stars and president ofCapitoline Assembly (which a few days ago announced its passage to Power Italy). The stadium project is in fact frozen for almost a year. Also because in the meantime the emergency coronavirus paralyzes administrative activity.

Things seem to revive in the summer of 2020. August 6th Dan Friedkin buy Roma from James Pallotta. Two days later the Capitoline council approves the two necessary and preparatory resolutions for the approval of the final provision relating to the project of the new stadium in Tor di Valle, that is the urban planning agreement which must then be signed between Rome capital city and the implementing body. The stadium seems to materialize again. And the mayor Virginia Raggi in November he promises: “A nice gift to the fans by Christmas”. The twist, however, is just around the corner. The February 26, 2021 to ask to stop the process of the plant is the new ownership of Roma. “The Board of Directors, met today, on the basis of the insights conducted by financial advisors, notary and lawyers of primary standing, as well as in the light of the latest communications of Roma Capitale, verified that the conditions for confirming the interest in using the stage to be carried out as part of the current real estate project relating to the Tor Di Valle area, since the latter project has become a impossible execution“. Roma no longer care about that stadium. But Eurnova, ready to sell its shares to the Czech manufacturer Radovan Vitek, does not give up.

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