“Give us the strength to go on” – Corriere.it

“Give us the strength to go on” – Corriere.it
“Give us the strength to go on” – Corriere.it

They want to understand what really happened, they want the judiciary to investigate, the parents of Michele Merlo, the singer of Amici struck down by a cerebral hemorrhage triggered by a fulminant leukemia at only 28 years old. They want the magistrates to check if there are any errors or omissions before admission to the Maggiore hospital, which irreversibly determined the fate of their child.

Together with their legal advisors, Michele’s mother and father filed a complaint and requested the seizure of the body and medical records. Domenico Merlo, Michele’s father, said that his son had been feeling ill for days and that he had already gone to the hospital, to the emergency room in Vergato, but there the symptoms had probably been confused with a simple form of flu and had been sent home with the sole prescription of the antibiotic. Just Michele in a message to his girlfriend Luna would have complained about the treatment he received: They tell me that he filled the ER with two plaques in his throat he would have written to her. The family now wants to understand if that misdiagnosis may have actually caused the death of the former Amici singer. In the meantime, one has already been opened internal investigation of the Ausl.

Meanwhile, her mother Katia entrusts all her pain for the death of her son to social media: Hello my great love. He greets everyone there – he writes, and then adds – To remember that we are here below and it will be you who you will have to give us the strength to go onotherwise we can’t do it. In the meantime, the date of Michele’s funeral remains to be defined, which will be celebrated only after the autopsy and after the judiciary has evaluated what actions to take, let the lawyers of the 28-year-old’s family know.

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