FaceTime lands on Android and Windows on the web thanks to a link

FaceTime lands on Android and Windows on the web thanks to a link
FaceTime lands on Android and Windows on the web thanks to a link

With an unexpected move to say the least Apple announced, in the course of WWDC 2021, the arrival of Facetime on Android and Windows via the browser. The function will in fact be available only on the web, it will not have a dedicated app as it happens natively on devices iOS e MacOS, and will allow users of other platforms to participate in video calls made through the Apple service.

Facetime therefore collides with others using multiplatform videocalling such as Skype and Zoom. Among the additions it will also be possible to schedule a video call and create a link to be shared in advance with the participants of the aforementioned in order to be able to enter in time and participate in it.

Android and Windows users will be able to enter a video call via the invitation link and access Facetime via the dedicated web app.

Apple has also specified that such video calls will be protected with end-to-end encryption.

The news coming to Facetime do not stop there and among the most relevant are undoubtedly the new grid view during calls, the option that allows you to blur your background and a feature called “SharePlay” which adds the ability to share the screen with your interlocutor, listen to music and watch movies or videos from third-party apps (Apple announced Disney Plus, HBO, Hulu, Twitch, TikTok e NBA) with the participants of the video call thanks to a dedicated user interface.

Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the update but we expect these features to be released concurrently with iOS 15 and macOS 15 in the fall.

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FaceTime lands Android Windows web link

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