“The companions against her, also targeted on social networks”

“The companions against her, also targeted on social networks”
“The companions against her, also targeted on social networks”

Laura’s mother (invented name) lets herself be held in the embrace of her sisters and friends even though she just wants to get under the shower and for a moment have the strength to close her eyes and not think about anything anymore. Sunday evening she returned home to find her lifeless daughter, who committed suicide at 13. A woman-child.

Is there an explanation for this?
“My daughter had been through a difficult, very bad time last year. She was bullied, they had targeted her because she was very sensitive. Bad words spoken at this age are worse than daggers, they hurt terribly. This time, perhaps, they even pushed to kill themselves and I Laura, who was fragile, no longer have it. Certain attitudes should not be underestimated ».

What happened?
«Laura had begun to feel bad when she passed from elementary school to sixth grade and, at the same time, her body began to change from that of a child to that of a woman, she was afraid she was not beautiful, but she was beautiful, absurd. A transformation that upset her. She had argued with some companions, with one in particular, then the others joined forces against her. They had targeted her. I noticed it and went to school to ask for measures ».

Rome, suicide at 13: she hanged herself in her bedroom. The mother: she was bullied. “Forgive all the evil received”

The school of the 13-year-old suicide in Rome

«Once in December then in January of last school year, I asked her to change the section, but they replied that it was not possible. My daughter ended up in the emergency room, hurt her finger. It was a self-harm episode. A lot of time was lost and the pandemic then complicated everything. When I went back to school on July 13 to return Dad’s tablet, then, I raised my voice. At first they told me it would be easier to change schools, but it’s close to home. In the end they accepted and things actually seemed to be going better ».

Why do they say they looked like?
“Why when I asked her how are you? She answered me well. But I realized that the bullies were back in action lately. There was an episode a few days ago that I talked about with the carabinieri. And then there is a whole world that I don’t know … ».

«That of social media, of Tik Tok, of comics and of her mobile phone to which she was glued. I fear that they have also targeted it on social networks, in some games ».

Was she being followed by a psychologist?
“Yes, but with Covid, I repeat, the meetings were rarefied and it took too long. There was the problem of contact. In the past he cut his arms but I didn’t think of a suicide ».

To parents who minimize what would you say?
«That Laura is gone now. And for the victims to talk about it, not to be afraid, that taking one’s own life is useless. “


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