games on offer for less than one euro

games on offer for less than one euro
games on offer for less than one euro

We have recently offered you a selection of games for PS4 and PS5 for less than five euros, and in the past we have offered you games for less than three euros several times … now we go further, with a series of games for sale for less than 99 cents!

Thanks to the PlayStation Indies discounts it is actually possible to find some games on sale for just under one euro, clearly these are minor titles, small-caliber independent productions often porting apps available on smartphones and tablets. We tell you right away not to expect AAA or AA games in this price range, in any case there is no shortage of proposals worthy of attention.

Let’s start with Timber Tennis Versus at 39 cents and continue with I Want To Be Human at 49 cents, Timberman VS costs 99 cents while Horror Stories is priced at 99 cents, with an additional discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as does Stretch Arcade.

59 cents are enough for Slyde while Flatland Prologue costs 39 cents, in both cases with an additional discount if you are subscribed to the PlayStation Plus service. Finally, No Thing and Dreaming Canvas cost 99 cents each. As mentioned, these are really small productions and without great pretensions but at these prices it is impossible to expect more.


games offer euro

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