the 50-cent coin from 1861, a small treasure

the 50-cent coin from 1861, a small treasure
the 50-cent coin from 1861, a small treasure

Having one of these coins in your home means being a little richer and not knowing it. Here are the most important.

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Often in home ours can hide real treasures. We are talking about coins and banknotes, specifically, in this case, we will talk about the first ones, often literally forgotten in old purses or coats. Memories of distant or close relatives, often real relics, living and direct testimony of an era lost in time, of which only this type of trace can remain. Theirs value, it is surprising, not even imaginable.

In any case it is good specify that as well as imaginable the old coins, those in lire to be clear, maintain a value which is not always deductible. There are aspects, factors that will affect a possible evaluation. We are not talking exclusively about dating, of the year of minting, so to speak, but also and above all of the conditions, of the state of maintenance of the coin itself. Absolutely decisive factor.

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Old lire: the 50-cent coin from 1861, a real little treasure

In this case we are talking about the 50 cents of lire. We are talking about a currency that made its appearance in the country in the distant past 1825, we are talking about almost 200 years ago. Something absolutely extraordinary. Imagine what value such an ancient coin can have went through, in fact, the last two hundred years of the country’s history. In this case we are talking about two different ones coining.

Both the Mint of Florence than that of Roma in that year they minted the coin in question with a limited edition. In this case, considering the much lower number of pieces produced in Rome, we are talking about 4mila it comes by itself imagine that version could have them more value.

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For the 50 cents minted in Florence we are talking about a value of about 2 thousand euros. For that instead, coined in Rome in 1861 we are talking about a value of 20 thousand euros. Something absolutely awesome.

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