Dazn, two months free plus a discount for one year, how to take advantage of it

Dazn begins his adventure in football which counts with two unexpected surprises: summer of discounts for everyone.

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Renewal is the key word for Dazn and is proving it by proposing not only a new price list but also a promotion that sports fans should not miss. The news of an increase in the cost of the subscription has left unsatisfied users who did not like this part of the renewal very much. The transition from 9.99 euros to 29,99 euro it didn’t go unnoticed but Dazn is trying to make up for it by offering two months for free and a discount on the subscription for one year.

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How to get two months free and one year discount on Dazn

dazn bought the rights for some Serie A matches, making it essential for football fans to subscribe to the platform. The discovery of an increase of twenty euros compared to previous years has irritated users who, however, have a unique opportunity not to be missed.

By activating the subscription by June 30, 2021, the new subscriber will immediately pay 9.99 euros, the next two months will be free and another twelve months will cost 19,99 euro instead of 29.99. In summary, by subscribing to the 30th of June you will have July and August free and from September you will pay 10 euros less than the original cost.

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The promotions don’t end there


Dazn also thinks of the undecided and latecomers who will activate the promotion only in the month of July. For them the offer concerns the possibility of paying 19.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros for 14 months with a nice saving of 140 euros. The deadline to take advantage of this discount is July 28, 2021.

Therefore, mark the dates in question so as not to miss the discounts in progress. If, then, you have second thoughts about paying the 29.99 euros you can always cancel your subscription, an operation that can be carried out at any time.

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How to activate your Dazn subscription and how to cancel it

The procedure for activating the Dazn subscription it’s simple and practical. Just create an account on the official portal of the streaming video platform, add a payment method and complete the operation. The cancellation may take place online as well as the subscription by accessing the “My Account” section and clicking on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

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