instructions and documents to keep

instructions and documents to keep
instructions and documents to keep

You can bring in deduction the expenses incurred with theestate agency in model 730/2021: taxpayers who bought a house in 2020 can take advantage of a 19% personal income tax refund.

To have access to the deduction, however, it is necessary that the house purchased through the real estate brokerage is used as a main residence. the deduction due amounts to a maximum of 1.000 euro.

The taxpayer must take care to keep certain documents certifying the expenditure. Let’s see what the instructions from the Revenue Agency for the correct compilation of the tax declaration.

It is good to remember that the expenses for the real estate agency fall within those indicated in article 15 of the TUIR, therefore starting from the 2020 tax year the double rule for deductions applies:

Deduction of real estate agency expenses in 730/2021: instructions

The expenses incurred forestate agency they can be deducted, to the extent of 19%, in the tax return. We remind you that in 2021 the deadline to be met for sending the 730 (whether ordinary or pre-filled) is 30 September.

As specified by the instructions of the Revenue Agency, the costs relating to real estate intermediaries must be reported in Part E, line E8 / E10.

The amount must include the expenses indicated in the section “Deductible charges” (points 341 to 352) of the Single Certification with the burden code 17.

If the property was purchased by more than one person, the deduction (within the limit of 1.000 euro) must be divided among the co-owners based on the percentage of ownership.

Model 730/2021, who is entitled to the deduction of the expenses of the real estate agency?

The deduction is up to the buyers of the property; the seller, on the other hand, even if he has paid part of the real estate agent’s commission, cannot in any way deduct the expense.

The deduction is not due if the expenses are incurred in the interest of the fiscally dependent family members.

Should you decide later to take out a mortgage for the purchase of the property, you will also be able to benefit from the deduction of passive interests.

The parties are obliged to produce one substitutive declaration of the deed of notoriety indicating the methods of payment of the sum at the time of the transfer of the property, even if subject to VAT.

Each party is obliged to declare:

  • if you have made use of a mediator: in this case, provide the identification data of the owner, if a natural person, or the name, company name and identification data of the legal representative, if a person other than a natural person, or of the non-legal mediator representative who worked for the same company;
  • the tax code or VAT number;
  • the registration number in the role of business agents in mediation and of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of reference for the owner or for the legal representative or mediator who worked for the same company;
  • the amount of expenditure incurred for this activity and the analytical methods of payment for the same.

Deduction of real estate agency expenses in 730/2021: documents to be kept

In order for the taxpayer to benefit from the 19% deduction of real estate expenses, he must keep the following documents, so as to prove the costs incurred in 2020:

  • the invoice issued by the real estate broker;
  • the registered preliminary contract;
  • the deed of sale showing the requisites envisaged by law no. 296 of 2006;
  • self-certification that the property is intended as a main residence.

It is also necessary to keep in mind the following precautions dictated by the Revenue Agency with circular no. 20 of 2011:

  • the deduction is not due if the invoice issued by the real estate broker is in the name of a non-owner;
  • in the event that the invoice is in the name of a single owner but the property is co-owned, it must be integrated with the personal data of the missing co-owner;
  • if the invoice is made out to the owner of the property and to another non-owner, the invoice must specify (or supplement) that the charge was borne only by the owner.

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