Rome, Tiziana Ronzio attacked by the Moccias in Tor Bella Monaca

Rome, Tiziana Ronzio attacked by the Moccias in Tor Bella Monaca
Rome, Tiziana Ronzio attacked by the Moccias in Tor Bella Monaca

“I’ll fire you, I’ll kill you and your children. You’re an infamous one, you fight the carabinieri.” These are some of the screams that echoed yesterday in Tor Bella Monaca, a neighborhood on the eastern outskirts of Rome. The target of those threats was Tiziana Ronzio, 49, a health worker, whom the head of state Sergio Mattarella recently wanted to appoint as an Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. To pronounce Giuseppe Moccia – involved in the past in various drug investigations and brother-in-law of Vincenzo Nastasi known as ‘O Principe’ – wounded last March 30 in an ambush in via dell’Archeologia when a man fired 4 shots at him from a scooter a few days after his release from prison.

Tiziana lives in the neighborhood, in one of the 15-storey Ater towers in viale Santa Rita da Cascia, a space used by drug dealers for years. For years he has dedicated himself to the social recovery of the Tor Bella Monaca neighborhood and in 2015 he founded the association ‘Tor più Bella’ with which he has carried out initiatives to redevelop, from a structural but also social point of view, and make the neighborhood more livable and safe. .

For this activity, Tiziana Ronzio has been threatened and attacked several times. In March 2017 the Association received a visit from the President of the Chamber Boldrini, on May 6, 2019 the journalist Salvo Sottile dedicated an episode of the RaiTre program “Before the dawn” to the ‘Tor Più Bella’ and recently – for two months – he also had an escort, which was removed last May 2 “on my birthday”, Tiziana tells RomaToday, while she recounts her misadventure – to put it mildly – experienced yesterday. Under the house. It started with a trivial dispute over a parking lot just before dinner.

The story of Tiziana Ronzio of the attack suffered

Tiziana’s son argues with a man, she goes down to defend him, a commotion is created, the attention of many is attracted and Moccia gets in the way. Perhaps because that “noise” bothers business. Those of the clan. To act as peacemaker, but not too much, Giuseppe Moccia who immediately recognizes Tiziana Ronzio. “He screamed at me about everything, death threats. That, according to him, is his area, so I couldn’t afford to assert my rights,” he tells RomaToday. According to the woman’s story, Moccia approaches her 25-year-old son, slaps him and, addressing his family members, makes other threats: “You have to take this away from me. you can more is “.

Moments of tension increased even when Giuseppe Moccia’s mother also arrived: “She scratched my face several times and then injured herself to show that I was the one who beat her, but it wasn’t like that”, says Ronzio who is she also went to the Casilino polyclinic where she was reported with a three-day prognosis. “I had already had an argument with her, she threatened me for a post on Facebook that I wrote after they closed their bar,” says Tiziana. To finally calm the spirits were the carabinieri of Tor Bella Monaca who stopped Moccia after a fight, with accusations of threats and resistance to a public official.

“I expect something else to happen”

However, the climate around Tiziana remains heavy, while she is on the phone with the people of the neighborhood who ask how she is feeling other threats from the balconies. When we ask him if he is afraid, she goes straight: “I expect that something else can happen, and happen to me. But I hope that this episode, which for some may seem normal or trivial, can shake up the neighborhood. What I suffered was an attack announced, probably with the honor I received recently will also cause media hype, but if I had been any other resident of the neighborhood it would not have been talked about, enough with this bullying “, he concludes, praising the work of the carabinieri:” There they are always, when they have threatened me in recent years they have also come to support me from other barracks. During the direct trial held today, Giuseppe Moccia’s arrest was validated, but the man was taken home, free without a precautionary measure, pending the trial.

Zingaretti near Tiziana Ronzio

The President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, also intervened on the case, labeling the attack suffered by “members of the Moccia clan” by Tiziana Ronzio and her son as “a very serious fact that cannot be accepted” thanking the carabinieri “who intervened in time, avoiding the worst “:” Tiziana Ronzio in recent years also with the Lazio Region has carried out projects to improve the life of the neighborhood in a great team effort. What happened last night must no longer happen. Tiziana Ronzio cannot and must not being left alone by the institutions, she must be defended and supported in her battles. We as a Region will always be at her side against the Tor Bella Monaca underworld but above all we will continue to carry out initiatives with her to redevelop the neighborhood “.

Libera and Tor Più Bella support Tiziana Ronzio

“A big hug to Tiziana”, also comes from Libera: “These episodes indicate that the criminal characters do not want to give up control of the territory but, also, that they are on the right path, aware that the change of territories and the defeat of criminal violence they pass through the commitment of everyone. To Tiziana, to the volunteers of the Association that we meet daily with our activities, we renew our commitment even more strongly. No intimidation will stop the path that is taking place “.

The association ‘Tor Più Bella’, meanwhile, gathers around its president: “This is not an isolated act but only the latest episode of a series of intimidating acts that have been affecting Tiziana and those around her for months now. . When we founded Tor Più Bella, the idea that guided our actions was to reconnect people in the rediscovery of their neighborhood. The whole neighborhood is home to those who live in it; passing this message on meant making people feel safe even outside the door of one’s home starting from the landing. We knew that this would also involve confronting those who occupy those landings, plundering resources and exploiting the neighborhood to deny them a different future. For a long time, they enjoyed open fields, in which they could act freely , believing that they can dispose of Tor Bella Monaca and its inhabitants at will. Yet, the neighborhood does not belong to them, but to all those people who want to live with dignity in Tor Bella Monaca “.

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