How to defend yourself from the harassing calls of telemarketing, the guide – Economy

How to defend yourself from the harassing calls of telemarketing, the guide – Economy
How to defend yourself from the harassing calls of telemarketing, the guide – Economy

Rome, 7 June 2021 – They usually arrive at lunch or dinner time, not once, but several times a week, even by the same operators. These are calls from call centers that offer offers on energy, on telephone contracts or TV subscriptions. Not everyone knows, however, that there is an rpublic administrator of the opposition, to which the citizen can register for free and thus defend himself from harassing calls. Today it only applies to landline telephones in public directories, but by the end of the year the reform that will make it possible to block phone calls also mobile phone and to cancel all consents expressed up to that moment for the use of personal data. There telemarketing reform it is in fact in the finishing straight. The only thing missing is the definitive approval of the regulation by the Council of Ministers and the signature of the President of the Republic. Currently the registered users are 1.5 million, as well as 18 thousand postal addresses. Every day 400 operators consult the register, which in ten years they have asked to be verified 4.5 billion of numbers. Federconsumatori Toscana recently organized an online discussion with Maurizio Pellegrini, head of the public opposition register. Here’s how this useful citizen tool works and how it will work.

What is the public register of oppositions

It was introduced in 2010 and is a free service that allows you to oppose the use, for advertising purposes, of the telephone numbers you own and, from 2019, of the corresponding postal addresses published in public directories, such as the yellow pages. or the white, printed or online. In practice, those who subscribe to the register will no longer receive calls on their home phones or letters by post from marketers.

How to sign up

It is possible to register in the register through the website, by filling out the appropriate electronic form, or by telephone, by calling the toll-free number 800-265265, or by email at [email protected] or by registered mail to the address ‘Manager of the public register of oppositions – Subscribers’, Rome Nomentano Office, P.O. Box 7211, 00162 Rome. In the same way, you can update your data or revoke your registration in the register.

Duration and timing of registration

The registration request is handled very quickly: within one working day of receiving the application, the citizen is registered in the register. The duration of the registration is indefinite, unless a request for revocation is expressly requested.

The sanctions

Telemarketing operators must consult the register to leave those who are registered out of calls and mailings of advertising material. The violation of users’ right of opposition provides for the application of administrative pecuniary sanctions up to 20 million euros or for companies up to 4% of the total annual turnover of the previous year.

How to avoid receiving calls

It is possible that, despite the registration in the register of oppositions, it will continue to receive harassing phone calls‘. This is because, for example, by subscribing to a gym membership or a new contract with a financial company, without paying too much attention to it and giving little weight to it, you have given your consent to process our personal data for advertising purposes. Attention, therefore: it is not mandatory, for the purpose of signing a contract, to accept that one’s data are used to receive promotions or offers.

What changes in 2021

The reform of the public register will finally come into effect by the end of the year of the oppositions, which will also involve 78 million sims excluded today and all numbers, even fixed ones, not present in the public lists. The tool will be even more effective because, by registering in the register, all previous consents issued, even in a distracted or not very conscious way, for telemarketing purposes will be canceled and the prohibition of transferring personal data to third parties will be sanctioned, regardless of the source of the contacts. that the operators use.

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