Communions with the Covid positive priest, new outbreaks and quarantines in the Isonzo area

Communions with the Covid positive priest, new outbreaks and quarantines in the Isonzo area
Communions with the Covid positive priest, new outbreaks and quarantines in the Isonzo area

MARIANO DEL FRIULI. Covid-19 does not even spare Communions. In spite of the now consolidated white zone and the collapse of infections throughout the region, there is now fear of a coronavirus outbreak after the positivity of a child from Mariano who on Sunday 30 May received the sacrament in the parish church of San Gottardo.

The child, who attends primary school, is one of the 14 children who approached the Eucharist for the first time. The swab carried out yesterday morning gave a positive result. The mother was also infected. The country is now in turmoil over what is happening and families are in turmoil.

Even a small child, not resident in Mariano, who attends the Moraro kindergarten was infected. He too participated in the Mass of Communions. Before these three cases, the parish priest of Mariano don Michele Tomasin, who had officiated the religious rite and who had felt the first symptoms of Covid-19, even with fever, a few days after the celebration and now is in quarantine, had tested positive.

The risk of a spread of the infections is concrete, because on May 30 in the church, while respecting the anti-Covid safety rules on gatherings, there were numerous friends, acquaintances and relatives of the children and families.

The school management of the Celso Macor Comprehensive Institute with the provisions of Asugi has meanwhile approved the quarantine for the class attended by the infected pupil and tracing tests have been started for the other classes. The situation in other schools in the country is also being assessed: some worried parents came to pick up their children from school yesterday morning. «I am very sorry underlines the dean of the Comprehensive Institute Donatella Gironcoli – because this quarantine prevents the serene and festive development of the last day of school. The pupils cared a lot and it is a very unfortunate situation ».

Also in Moraro the didactic activities of the kindergarten have been suspended starting from today and the sanitation of the classrooms and the quarantine of the students have been ordered until further notice from Asugi. The mayor of Mariano Luca Sartori is following the situation closely. “After a two-week period in which the country had now become Covid free the positivity of our parish priest was recorded. We are closely monitoring the situation of the schools. The invitation is not to let your guard down, because the risk of contagion is unfortunately not yet eliminated and it is therefore very important to get vaccinated.

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