US auto market, electric pick-ups in charge of sales

US auto market, electric pick-ups in charge of sales
US auto market, electric pick-ups in charge of sales

ChargePoint, the largest American company that manages charging networks, exponentially grows electric pick-ups, which will be fundamental to “convincing” Americans to switch to electric

ChargePoint is an American electric vehicle infrastructure company headquartered in Campbell, California, which operates the largest network of electric vehicle charging stations. The CEO of the American company, Pasquale Romano, recently stated that the American company, to win over American users and convert them to EVs, is focusing heavily on electric pickups. According to Romano, in the next few years, many companies that own pickup fleets will switch to electric, because they are cheaper to maintain. And the workers who use the vehicles of those fleets will be passionate about their performance.

The pickup recovery, also thanks to Biden

US President Joe Biden’s plan to persuade US motorists to switch from fossil fuel-powered cars to electric ones requires a massive investment in public charging stations. It is still unclear, however, how the companies that provide charging services will make a profit as most people are likely to “fill up” their EVs at home. Undoubtedly, public charging stations will be fundamental in city contexts, where few are able to afford the luxury of having an individual housing solution. Romano expects the arrival of electric pickups to boost EV sales in many US states. Tesla could start shipping its Cybertruck this year, while the Ford F-150 Lightning will hit the market in 2022.

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