the chalet on the seafront cleared at aperitif time

the chalet on the seafront cleared at aperitif time
the chalet on the seafront cleared at aperitif time

PORTO SAN GIORGIO – Closed for Covid the Nomad chalet, on the south promenade of Porto San Giorgio. On Sunday evening, at aperitif time, customers were asked to leave the place. Shortly before, confirmation had come that a staff member had tested positive for quick swab.

The boy, asymptomatic, was not at work. He had stayed home as a precaution, after his girlfriend discovered that she had Covid in the afternoon. From there, the prophylaxis started, with the emptying of the room, which must now be sanitized, and the molecular swabs for all the staff, currently without symptoms. “We will do everything to bring the situation back as soon as possible, with the utmost transparency, honesty and collaboration,” explains Marco Cordola, who manages the Nomad together with Paola Cesetti, Marco Capanna and Chiara Capesciotti.

«It was not easy – he continues -, on a summer Sunday and two weeks after the opening, to decide to close. But, with a cool head, we are convinced that it was the best decision to ensure the health of staff and customers. Perhaps the least commercial, but certainly the most ethical. When we reopen, it will be like a new beginning ». Yesterday, the phones of the Blue Cross rang wildly. At the other end, customers and patrons of the club, more or less alarmed and eager to swab. Although, explains the president of public assistance, Gilberto Belleggia, it is now too early. At least five or six days must pass if some symptoms do not appear first. Or the end of the preventive quarantine. Which, however, for now, has not been arranged for any of those who were in the chalet. Yesterday, the positive boy was contacted by the Prevention Department of the vast Area 4, together with the other six new positives of Fermano, all disconnected from each other.

“No outbreak – assures the director of the service, Giuseppe Ciarrocchi -, but isolated cases”. It is Ciarrocchi himself who curbs alarmism. “We speak of an outbreak – he says – when there are few cases grouped in a community or in a limited environment and, to date, this has not occurred”. Being outdoors, low virus circulation, masks, distances and vaccines, for the doctor, are all factors that reduce the likelihood of contagion. It will be the Prevention Department, on the basis of the epidemiological investigation and the tracing of the boy’s contacts, to decide whether or not to quarantine someone else and when the place can reopen. In the meantime, good news arrives from the “Murri” hospital.

Where, since Sunday, the Covid intensive care has been closed. The last patient admitted was transferred to Infectious Diseases, where yesterday there were sixteen inpatients. The premises have been sanitized and made available to the “clean” department. Forty-five positive patients in the Rsa di Campofilone, ten those in the Arca di Fermo. Reassuring numbers also come from quarantines: 251 people from Fermano who were in isolation yesterday (-36 compared to Sunday), of which 49 were symptomatic (-6).


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