He commits suicide at 13 by hanging himself in the bedroom. The mother: “Bullied by friends”

He commits suicide at 13 by hanging himself in the bedroom. The mother: “Bullied by friends”
He commits suicide at 13 by hanging himself in the bedroom. The mother: “Bullied by friends”

A real drama that took place in recent days in the capital, where a girl of just 13 years took her own life, committing suicide, in her bedroom.

Sunday evening the girl took an electric cable, cut it with a cutter, and with it she hanged herself from a shelf, in a small townhouse in Torpignattara, east of Rome.

Around her her drawings and the writings of English songs imprinted on a notebook. And to find her her mother, who when she returned, around 11.45 pm after work as a cleaner in a pub near her home, appeared in her room to say goodnight to her daughter, and made the dramatic discovery.

“We heard her scream like a desperate woman – she told the” Messenger “a nearby course to help her – we flew home, we tried everything and everything to save Laura. So the ambulance doctors. I tried it myself to revive her. But there was nothing to be done, because the child was already cold. ”Beside the body, the empty dinner plate.

Then, the most difficult story, and that the mother entrusts to a message, a desperate cry posted on social networks. The desperation of a mother who may not have been able to understand what was hidden behind those big eyes, always covered by a long fringe, which scanned the world with fear of showing themselves and, almost certainly, of ever sharper judgments.

“Her best friends had excluded and bullied her – says her mother from social media – after she had discussed with one of them, due to a misunderstanding, my daughter had been isolated. They made fun of her, they put her in their sights. This is why I insisted so much that she change section at school, but those girls did not leave her alone and in recent days they had rebuilt themselves ”. On Fb the mother also posts a photo of a hug together: “Forgive all the evil received and may the earth be light to you”.

Laura, friends and acquaintances explain, like so many other teenagers she had experienced the lockdown period badly, her outings had increasingly thinned out and had become more and more withdrawn.

He used Tik Tok a lot and the Carabinieri of the Casilina Company, after intervening, confiscated his mobile phone and computer, tools that will be subjected to technical checks. The doubt is that the girl may have also been the victim of a death game on social media.

The diaries, notebooks, several cards and some drawings of the thirteen-year-old are also being examined by the investigators in search of a possible explanation of the extreme gesture.

The girl, who was followed by the psychologists of Umberto I after a report from the school to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, had already shown self-harming attitudes in the past, cutting her arms and legs.

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