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Weather. Sometimes unstable but also cleared weeks

SITUATION. The start of the week is showing definitely unstable, due to continuous wet infiltrations carried by a depression loop present right on the central Mediterranean which favors the formation of showers and widespread thunderstorms especially in the afternoon and evening hours. From Wednesday, however, the anticyclone positioned over Western Europe will attempt to expand eastwards, moving closer to Italy and favoring a reduction in episodes of instability. Our peninsula will find itself on the right edge of the high pressure, therefore subject to a weak flow of northern currents that will not allow a complete stabilization of the weather during the week. In fact, some showers and thunderstorms will always be likely during the day near the Alps and the Apennines, in local encroachment to the nearby lowland areas. The context will still be sunnier from Wednesday onwards, especially in the Center-North, so much so that even the daytime temperatures will be able to recover some degrees, reaching summer values ​​but without excess. Let’s see how the days will continue until Friday:

Weather. Trend until Friday

WEDNESDAY the anticyclone will try to reinforce and expand from south-western Europe towards central Europe, favoring greater weather stability and a largely sunny start to the day in the Center-North, while thickenings and some rains will affect the coasts of the lower Tyrrhenian, including the north of Sicily. During the day, some will always be likely thunderstorms near mountainous areas in general, even of the major islands, in local trespassing at times of the Po Valley, especially north of the Po, but also to Liguria. Crossings in the afternoon and evening also to the central-southern Tyrrhenian coasts. In the evening, general attenuation of precipitation with a tendency to bright spells. Temperatures will rise again by a few degrees, while remaining within the averages if not locally slightly below.

THURSDAY large spells at the beginning of the day, then thunderstorms forming in the afternoon near the Alps, along the Apennines and on the inland areas of the major islands, some encroachments on the upper Po Valley, especially in the east, but also on the west of Piedmont, Levante Ligure, the coasts of the lower Tyrrhenian and southern Sicily. Then in the evening precipitation tending to run out. Temperatures in further slight increase.

FRIDAY discreet start of the day except for thickening and some rain already in the Northwest, then instability increases in the afternoon on the Alps with rains and some thunderstorms in local encroachment by evening in the upper Po Valley. Showers and thunderstorms in formation also along the whole Apennines and inland areas of the islands, local encroachments to the peninsular Tyrrhenian coasts but in general exhaustion in the evening. Stable temperatures or slight drop in local. For the weekend trend click here.

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