bipartisan solidarity – Libero Quotidiano

bipartisan solidarity – Libero Quotidiano
bipartisan solidarity – Libero Quotidiano

A strange case, the one that has as its protagonist, in spite of himself, Stefania Bonaldi, mayor of Crema, who received a guarantee notice, in short, is under investigation for an episode that occurred last October in a municipal kindergarten. A child slipped his left hand into the hinge of a fire door, crushing two fingers: the little one had no permanent injuries and went back to kindergarten. But now the mayor Bonaldi has been challenged for the lack of suitable devices to avoid the automatic closing of the door.

Investigated. And that warranty notice, let’s face it, is really perplexing. “Fortunately, the situation is not serious. The child did not carry any permanent injuries. I see the judicial aspect in the appropriate places, I don’t have it with the judiciary, but I think it’s time to question the system. I think it is paradoxical. So what do we appoint the managers to do? “, Asks the mayor. And again, he adds:” Perhaps it is appropriate to review the issue of the responsibility of the mayors who are called to answer for everything. I have received a lot of solidarity in these hours. We will take advantage of this situation to bring the legislator’s attention back to civil liability. A theme that is transversal: De Caro puts it, Matteo Salvini puts it“, he remarks.

As said by the person directly concerned, solidarity was transversal. Matteo Ricci, Pd Mayor of Pesaro and President Ali, tweeted: “auction with these madness. How can a Mayor investigate why a kindergarten child gets his fingers in the middle of the door? A big hug to Stefania Bonaldi, one of the best mayors in Italy. It is urgent that action be taken on excessive responsibilities of the mayors. “So Giorgio Gori, mayor of Bergamo:” The accusation: he should have prevented the door from closing automatically. But can we go on like this? “.

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bipartisan solidarity Libero Quotidiano

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