Tourist flights into space, Bezos anticipates Musk and Branson: dizzying prices

Tourist flights into space, Bezos anticipates Musk and Branson: dizzying prices
Tourist flights into space, Bezos anticipates Musk and Branson: dizzying prices

The July 20 in Texas the first tourist trip in space is planned. To announce it, with an unprecedented media operation, is the American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos – founder of Amazon – who will fly aboard the New Shepard shuttle, of his Blue Origin company, together with his younger brother Mark and a third passenger, winner of an online auction still in progress on the website of the same Blue Origin.

The winning bidder will be able to participate in the journey into space. The auction has already seen the participation of over 6000 ‘scroungersfrom 143 countries of the world. The current offer is equal to 2.8 million dollars. The auction will end on June 12th. The amount will be donated to the foundation of Blue Origin, Club for the Future, to inspire future generations to pursue careers in Stem – scientific and technological disciplines – and help invent the future of life in space.

Ever since I was 5 I have dreamed of traveling in space. On July 20, I will go on a trip with mine brother. The greatest adventure with my best friend, ”Bezos announced on Instagram. Blue Origin is a private company created by Bezos based in Kent (Washington), a suburb of Seattle, where its research and development area is located. In 2009, the company was awarded $ 3.7 million by NASA with the Space Agreement within the Commercial Program (CCDev) to develop concepts and technologies to lay the foundation for future human spaceflight operations. It received an additional $ 22 million during the second phase of the program.

This is a strategic move to anticipate the competition. Bezos – who will leave ad Andy Jassy the position of CEO of Amazon on July 5 – he wants to accelerate the ‘war’ between startups in the space that also sees the group in the field SpaceX driven by Elon Musk e Virgin Galactic founded by Richard Branson. All three have invested billions of dollars in their respective startups, but Bezos will be the first to travel into space in the spacecraft built by his company.

Virgin Galactic is expected to launch spacecraft into space from 2022. To date, about 600 tickets have already been sold at a price ranging between 200 and 250 thousand dollars.

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Tourist flights space Bezos anticipates Musk Branson dizzying prices

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