so the mayor was left without a majority

so the mayor was left without a majority
so the mayor was left without a majority

It was a Bulgarian majority that the Roman citizens had made available to Virginia Raggi. Of the 49 councilors who are part of the Julius Caesar Hall, at the beginning of the mandate, the Mayor could in fact count on a team of 30 pentastellati. Today there are 24 left, including the mayor.

The farewell of De Vito

Marcello De Vito’s farewell is just the latest in a long series. The classroom president, who was the first grillino to apply for the tricolor band, in announcing his move to Forza Italia has returned to accuse the 5-star Movement of “too many ideological somersaults”. A sort of transformation, compared to the principles that had led to the election of Raggi and his majority, from which the former pentastellato decided to distance himself.

The season of explusions

De Vito’s decision comes at the end of a council that, in the last 3 years, has had to record a series of farewells. The first was that of Cristina Grancio, now a candidate in the center-left primary with the Socialist Party. The councilor was actually put on the door, in April 2018. Expelled after being, “materially isolated from the M5S group with the expulsion from the chats,” she explained at the time.

Another expulsion came two years later. In this case towards Monica Montella, like Grancio a critical voice within the Roman Movement. He had declared, in an interview with RomaToday, that he thinks that the M5s “for which I have committed so many years of activism” is “something else”. And that that Movement “unfortunately no longer exists in Rome today”.

The farewells in quick succession

In rapid succession, Maria Agnese Catini resigned, who left the M5s embracing the Civic Revolution, the movement founded by the minisindaca (another former M5s) Monica Lozzi. She left in 2021 declaring that “the initial principles of the Movement are only a memory, listening and participation are no longer practiced at any level”. It was then the turn of Gemma Guerrini, who moved to the Mixed Group and Simona Ficcardi, who joined the Green party.

The inner frond

After the season of expulsions, the Roman M5s must deal with the “malpancisti”. A sort of branch within the re-election of Virginia Raggi, of which Enrico Stefàno is a member. The dean of the Movement, currently chairman of the Mobility Commission, has already made it known that he no longer wants to reapply. In communicating his decision Stefàno did not hide his disappointment because “for the first time in history, a Mayor lost 5 Municipalities, formally 5 councilors, but in reality many more (because we must take into account the frond), and it is not known how many times it has changed councilors ”.

A majority without numbers

In reality, with De Vito’s farewell, the councilors “formally lost” are 6. And to these must be added the four who, while remaining within the pentastellato group, are often in contrast with the ratification of the decisions taken by the junta Rays. The result is that the numbers of the majority, already insufficient to be defined as such, are even less than what formally appears. With all the consequences that it may entail in the management of the Julius Caesar Hall. Not so much for a possible lack of confidence, as for the acts that, from here on, the Capitoline assembly will be called to vote.

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