a famous hacker wants to bring Project Beast back to life

a famous hacker wants to bring Project Beast back to life
a famous hacker wants to bring Project Beast back to life

During a recent interview, a famous modder of Bloodborne, Lance McDonald, has unveiled its future projects and some of these could be very interesting for all fans of the exclusive PlayStation.

During the interview, the now popular Sony exclusives hacker like P.T., Bloodborne e God of War confirmed that he still has some secrets to reveal about the title FromSoftware. Although we don’t know the details of McDonald’s discoveries whose videos have not been posted on the web, it is known what the project is currently in the works. In fact, it seems that the hacker able to use PlayStation 4 to analyze the code of the exclusives intends to reconstruct the original Project Beast. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, this is the code name of the project from which Bloodborne was born, whose gameplay mechanics differed a lot from the final product. According to McDonald’s words, his dream is to return the game to its old form by analyzing the Bllodborne code and, for example, reintroduce the sawn-off shotgun complete with charging animation.

This is obviously a titanic undertaking that could take years of work before reaching a concrete result. In any case, McDonald’s has shown that he has great skills and it cannot be ruled out that he may be able to make his dream come true.

Have you already seen Digital Foundry Bloodborne in action at 4K and 60 fps on PS5 thanks to the work of Digital Foundry?


famous hacker bring Project Beast life

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