the moves to pass the checks

Cashback, there is the winning remedy for all citizens who have decided to participate: the moves to overcome the checks on expenses


A long sprint from here to June 30th for all those who are participating in the State cashback and al Super cashback. And as often happens in our country, almost everyone is loyal to the rules, but there are always those who try to take advantage of them or find loopholes to get there first.

This is why in the last few days some of the participants have received a message like this: “We are carrying out checks on some abnormal transactions, recurring for a negligible amount, made in large numbers at the same merchant, on the same day and which, therefore, do not appear to be classified as ‘purchases’ of goods or services under the program “

A communication via the IO app, the one intended for registration for the State Cashback and which reports the transaction count, the reimbursement amount as well as the ranking of the Super cashback. What does this mean in practice? That the state wants to see clearly and be transparent to the end and for this reason some suspicious expenses have been reported.

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Cashback, there is the winning remedy: form and timing for any appeal

Some of those who received the verification message didn’t even notice. But someone else went in panic, because the risk is to reverse the suspicious transactions: “These transactions, if linked to abusive conduct, would not give the right to any type of reimbursement. This is why we have taken steps to cancel suspicious transactions ”.


So what to do? There is only one solution, absolutely legal, to get out of the impasse and try to recover what has been erased. In fact, users will be able to lodge a complaint if they believe they have been unfairly penalized for the cancellation of some of their transactions.

“If the user thinks this is a mistake and your transactions are in order, he has 7 days of time from the date of sending the message to prove the legitimacy of the same “. So it will be sufficient to fill in the form attached to the message and forward it according to the illustrated procedure, respecting the deadlines. Otherwise, suspicious transactions will be erased forever and the Super cashback ranking will suffer the consequences.

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