Michele Merlo death, his girlfriend Luna after days of silence, decides to speak – Baritalia News

Michele Merlo death, his girlfriend Luna after days of silence, decides to speak – Baritalia News
Michele Merlo death, his girlfriend Luna after days of silence, decides to speak – Baritalia News

Michele Merlo, very young, died at the age of 28 of fulminant leukemia and a consequent cerebral hemorrhage.

The entertainment world showed all its affection and gathered around the singer’s family members he had attended Friends where he had made a beautiful friendship with both Maria De Filippi that with Emma Marrone.

Everyone is incredulous in the face of such an unjust death because, especially premature and the Michele’s father wrote a really moving thank you post.

The fiancée Luna decides to speak after Michele’s death

On the evening that Michele he felt bad he was at home of his girlfriend Luna, who studies culture and fashion practices and who is outside the world of entertainment.

The girl, who has remained silent until now, has now decided to speak.

The girl posted some photos depicting her with her boyfriend and then wrote in support: “Thank you, thank you for everything, forever in my heart. Destiny made us meet and as if by magic it made us live moments of pure love, of immense joy in small moments and gestures, the ones we loved so much. I thank you infinitely for making me believe in myself and in love”.

Luna he also wrote: “I don’t know when and if I will be ready to dive back into this world, but I will succeed, I promise you my heart, because the strength you have given me no one else will ever be able to give it to me. I will live life to the full for you and me, you will always be in all my moments and thoughts. Now stop dreaming and fly among the stars and dive into the sea “.

The Ausl of Bologna has launched an internal investigation to ascertain exactly what happened to Michele Merlo because his father said that the emergency room had sent him home saying that for two plaques in his throat he could not clog an emergency room.

The message of Maria De Filippi

Also Maria De Filippi she was deeply touched by this death and she, who knew him well and was really fond of him, wrote on social media: “Deep, melancholy in her eyes and sunny in her smile. So you appeared to us from the first moment we saw you and so you remained until the last day you spent in the house ”.

And then: “Yours was a special melancholy, which fought every second with that smile that said the exact opposite. Sometimes one thing prevailed, sometimes the opposite. You were both. And when you sang, when you were in the center of the stage doing what you liked best in the world, your way of being took over and made you show the world without filters, without fears. You were Mike Bird and you were singing. You were in your natural element, the escape valve for your deep thoughts that exploded in your chest and that you had a great desire to share with the world “.

Maria De Filippi continues: “You were a special boy and we all understood it. You had a unique intensity, an excessively strong ability to look inside yourself that at times made you struggle around moods and sensations. Baudelaire used to say that “everyone’s sensitivity is their genius”, yours was great, Mike. And it is that sensitivity, that depth of soul and thought, that ability to dig into the abysses of the human soul that we will carry inside us forever. Have a good trip ”.

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