Clandestine, bivouacs and decay: shocking photos from the Central Station

Clandestine, bivouacs and decay: shocking photos from the Central Station
Clandestine, bivouacs and decay: shocking photos from the Central Station

The Milano Centrale station it is the second railway junction in the country by number of transits after that of Rome Termini and is one of the main stations in Europe. It is the main gateway to the economic capital of the country but this does not prevent it from being prey to decay and the stragglers and homeless. Humanity varies that at every hour of the day and night it stands in its galleries, in the large square in front and in Via Vittor Pisani, the road that starts from the station square and connects it to Piazza della Repubblica. A degrading image for Milan, whose business card cannot and must not be welcoming homeless people for travelers. This is the complaint of Silvia Sardone, municipal councilor of the Lega and MEP, actively involved in the Milan area to report critical issues.

The bivouacs of illegal immigrants that fill the square of Milan Central Station are nothing short of shameful. If this is the international city that the Democratic Party wants, I would say that we are absolutely off track“, declared Silvia Sardone in a note, documenting everything with images that, more than many words, give the pulse of the situation in this part of Milan. As explained by the city councilor, the square and the neighboring streets”I am a very unworthy open-air dormitory if we think of all the nice words of the left on integration“.

Just get closer to the large railway building to get an idea: “There are dozens and dozens of immigrants in sleeping bags, cartons and even tents in the middle of the flower beds and under the arcades, with all the decay which obviously follows between trees and bushes mistaken for public toilets“. A thriving open-air dealing activity has also been reported several times in Piazza Duca d’Aosta and in the streets bordering the station. Problems reported but not yet resolved by the Sala council.”In the Central, an energetic action is needed to restore order and legality given that the majority of those who camp in this area are dedicated to dealing activities, without forgetting the snatching and violent fights“, continued Silvia Sardone.

The situation is less and less unsustainable for Milan and “now that tourism is slowly giving back signs of life, who knows what all those who will see certain scenes as soon as they get off the train will think“. Silvia Sardone has defined a precise person in charge for all this:”The responsibilities exist and they are political: a Marino Palace is anybody there?“.


Clandestine bivouacs decay shocking photos Central Station

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