Travel, Green Pass to the test in France, Germany and Spain

Travel, Green Pass to the test in France, Germany and Spain
Travel, Green Pass to the test in France, Germany and Spain

(Teleborsa) – It is time for reopening in Europe, where infections from Covid are low and the vaccination campaign is proceeding apace. Thus, in view of the summer season, an attempt is made to facilitate the reopening of borders in an attempt to guarantee tourism a rich season and profitable after months of passion. The EU has taken steps with the Vaccine pass, in force since July, but some countries are anticipating its validity.

Thanks to the vaccination pass they will be able to travel freely in the EU, without the need for a buffer or quarantine, all citizens vaccinatedwho have received the second dose for at least 14 days.

“The ability for vaccinated people to travel freely within the EU without being subjected to restrictions such as quarantines and mandatory testing is one of the key updates we have proposed for the Council’s recommendations on the free movement of persons,” confirmed Reynders. spokesperson for the EU, indicating that the Vaccination pass in effect on 1 July, will be valid within the EU ed also for some third countries.

France it will not wait until July 1st and will adopt the Vaccination pass starting tomorrow, 9 June: it will be possible to freely enter French territory without a tampon, as long as in possession of complete vaccination (two doses administered for at least 14 days). For all the others, the negative antigenic swab carried out 72 hours after departure remains in force. The measure will be also valid for some third countries considered as low-risk as Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore, while Great Britain and the United States, consider again orange areas, because full control of the infections has not yet been achieved.

Also there Germany and the Greece they anticipated the entry into force of the European vaccination pass in May and from next Sunday the block to Italy will also skip, upon presentation of a vaccination certificate. Same goes for the Spain, which introduced the vaccination pass starting from yesterday, 7 June, to all European countries, while in Switzerland the rule is valid from May 31st.

The Minister of Tourism Garavaglia says he is convinced that “we are now” and, while waiting for some refinements of the European regulation, he anticipates that within a few weeks also Italy will adopt a French solution.

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