“At 37%, how many votes do they steal from the Pd and M5s” – Libero Quotidiano

“At 37%, how many votes do they steal from the Pd and M5s” – Libero Quotidiano
“At 37%, how many votes do they steal from the Pd and M5s” – Libero Quotidiano

On the desk of Matteo Salvini e Silvio Berlusconi arrived a poll very heavy. According to the study by Enzo Risso made between 28 and 30 May on a sample of 800 Italians, the center-right federation that would bring together Lega, Forza Italia e Courage Italy it could be as high as 37%. The starting point, sources close to the Northern League secretary explain, is now attested to 31,6% “but it has potential value between 34 and 37%“It would therefore go beyond the nominal value of the individual parties, with the Lega given by the polls around 22%, Forza Italia around 7% and Coraggio Italia just over 1%.

According to the Risso report, the federation would be able to overcome the electoral fence of the center-right and would collect “the 5% of the voters of the 5 Star Movement, the 2% of the voters of the Pd, the 14% of undecided“.

A political coup, just what Salvini and Berlusconi aspire to to mix up and overturn a table crystallized for many months, with the alliance between the Democratic Party of Enrico Letta and the M5s of Giuseppe Conte that he hoped to be able to weigh heavily on the election of the next President of the Republic. A monolithic center-right parliamentary alliance, with broad support in public opinion, would definitely change the cards even in the race to the Quirinale, in a few months.

On the Time, the daily directed by Franco Bechis, the opinions of other pollsters were published, a little more cautious. According to the survey of Fabrizio Masia, 63% of the respondents would reject the union, with “only” 24% of the respondents in favor.

Per Renato Mannheimer, political “marriage” would have a percentage that would fluctuate between 27 and 29%, definitely lower than Riso’s projection. On the same wavelength Antonio Noto: “If the sum of the parties reaches the 28,5%, in reality, attempting a single party leads to 25%“A reasoning that, however, still has to deal with the real structure of the federation.

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