“Killed by her uncle, I think he strangled her” – Corriere.it

“Killed by her uncle, I think he strangled her” – Corriere.it
“Killed by her uncle, I think he strangled her” – Corriere.it

Of this premeditated murder «now I tell you the whole truth. My uncle Danish killed Saman. I’m afraid of him, because he told me that if I told the police what happened, he would kill me. I also thought about killing him while he slept, given what he did. But then I thought I’d go to jail. And it was better for the carabinieri to intervene ». We are on a day in mid-May and the sixteen year old brother of Saman Abbas, in front of the Bologna Public Prosecutor’s Office, the social workers and the Reggio carabinieri, he explains how his sister was killed (in a subsequent interrogation he also told of the involvement in the murder of two cousins, ed). A few days earlier, on the 9th, he had been stopped during a check in the province of Imperia. He was trying to escape to France.

Saman Abbas, the latest news on the missing girl in Novellara

In the protected center

Undocumented, he was taken to a juvenile shelter. After identification, the first half admissions that kicked off the murder investigation, “and very restless nights,” he was transferred to a sheltered center. The story to the investigators of what happened in the Novellara countryside, where the entire large Abbas clan lived, is shocking.

The reconstruction of the murder

Midnight on May 1st has been up for nine minutes. This is the time when Saman leaves the house, indeed he runs away. First there was a furious argument with theFather Shabbar, 46 years old, e mother Nazia Shaheen, 47. The girl demanded the documents that remained in their possession after the social services of Novellara transferred her to a protected center for opposing the arranged marriage in Pakistan. The identity card would serve her to travel, to plan a life, perhaps with her boyfriend, a 21-year-old compatriot living in Italy, with whom in those moments she is chatting, telling him everything – screams, swear words – in “direct contact”.

The arrival of the uncle, the role of the cousins

Danish “came from behind the cameras – this is still the story of his brother – because he knew where they were positioned”. Arriving «from the greenhouses», the boy hears him shouting these words to his parents: «Go home! Now I’ll take care of it ». With the uncle there would be, he added at a later time, also the cousins Ijaz Ikram, 28 years old, e Nomanulhaq Nomanulahq33. The sixteen year old is in the kitchen, on the ground floor: and I was watching what was happening. My father came home with Saman’s backpack, the ivory one she had on her shoulders when she left. ‘ At this point the uncle told “my father to take him into the house and hide him without showing him to the cameras.” Upon returning, Shabbar “felt ill and cried.” Impossible to oppose the ferocity of his uncle, feared by all the Abbas: “If my dad had told the carabinieri what happened, he would have killed us.” How Saman was killed, Hasnain «didn’t tell me – continues the sixteen year old -, he didn’t even say it when he got home. If my father had done that, he would have taken his own life. I think he killed her by strangling her, because when he entered he had nothing in his hand. ‘ Subsequently, the boy asked his uncle where his sister was buried “because I wanted to hug her one last time.” But Hasnain replied that he “can’t tell me.”

Premeditated crime

Yesterday, the prosecutor Isabella Chiesi who coordinates the investigation spoke of “premeditated murder” perhaps from before April 26, the date on which the uncle bought the plane tickets for Saman’s parents, assuring them the escape to Pakistan which took place in the early days. May with a flight from Malpensa. This is also confirmed by the same brother: “He had thought of everything, taking advantage of the fact that my aunt is not well and had to go and see her.” Then there is the video in which Hasnain and his two cousins ​​Ikram Ijaz, 28, and Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq, 33, are filmed on the evening of April 29 while they leave the house with the shovels used perhaps to dig the grave in which to bury the young woman. The sixteen year old – who had noticed the “strange behavior” of the trio – even tries to follow them but, we read in the minutes, “is rejected and sent home”.


But why was Saman killed, who used the “italiangirl” account on social media? In the order with which he asks for the arrest for voluntary murder of the five members of the Abbas clan, the investigating judge Luca Ramponi speaks of killing “to punish her for the removal from the precepts of Islam and for the rebellion to the family will, as well as for the continuous escapes home”. And the mother? A chilling detail emerges from the papers: from Pakistan, Saman’s brother received messages from a woman who, according to the prosecutor’s office, is Nazia Shaheen, the mother. Here is his concern: “If they ask you something you must say that Saman has left.”

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