“Thanks for everything, romantic rebel” – Corriere.it

“Thanks for everything, romantic rebel” – Corriere.it
“Thanks for everything, romantic rebel” – Corriere.it

«You, us. Thanks for everything romantic rebel “, a photo of Michele Merlo (Mike Bird, his stage name) at sunset: this is the farewell greeting left on social media Luna Shirin Rasia, the girlfriend of the young singer (passed by X Factor and Amici) died at the age of 28 from fulminant leukemia. «Thank you, thank you for everything, forever in my heart – wrote the girl on Instagram, born in Caracas, student in Fashion Cultures and Practices at the University of Bologna (where she lives) -. Destiny made us meet and as if by magic it made us live moments of pure love, of immense joy in small moments and gestures, the ones we loved so much. I thank you infinitely for making me believe in myself and in love. I do not know when and if I will be ready to dive back into this world, but I will succeed, I promise you my heart, because the strength you have given me no one else will ever be able to give it to me. I will live life to the full for you and me, you will always be in all my moments and thoughts Now stop dreaming and fly among the stars and dive into the sea ».

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The amazement for the sudden death of Mike Bird invaded the social networks: Emma, ​​Ermal Meta, Facchinetti, Morgan … Maria De Filippi who had him in 2017 to Amici, (he arrived in the semifinals) wrote a letter recalling his ” melancholy, his sweetness, his talent ». Father recalled a talent as follows: «He must have been eight years old: he with the guitar in his hand. Even then it was clear that art ran in his blood. He sang, played, composed poems, painted beautiful pictures. After all, my mother, my wife Katya, has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. I, on the other hand, enjoy writing. Michele, however, has always had an edge. He said: “Dad, you’ll see that I can make it”. And he was one step away from succeeding … ».

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