“I’ll explain why Grillo & Co filmed everything”

“I’ll explain why Grillo & Co filmed everything”
“I’ll explain why Grillo & Co filmed everything”

It occurred to me to scream. It’s not that I didn’t think about it, but I couldn’t …“. The speaker is Silvia (invented name), la student 19 year old who accuses Ciro Grillo, the son of the founder of the 5 Star Movement, and his friends Francesco Corsiglia, Edoardo Capitta and Vittorio Lauria of abusing her after a night at a disco in Sardinia, in July 2019. group rape which, according to the girl, would have been consumed in a particularly outrageous and pressing way: slaps on the buttocks, back and much more. “I was terrified, I no longer felt my feet on the ground“Gregorio Capasso and the substitute Laura Bassani told the prosecutor of Tempio Pausania. But that’s not all.

There would be four videos testifying to the horror that would have been consumed that early summer night. This is confirmed by one of the suspects, Edoardo Capitta, in a chat with friends the day after the alleged rape: “I have four easy easy videos“, he writes in a message addressed to the rest of the party. But why do the perpetrators of a sex offender often film the victim?” I think it is very much linked to an aspect of narcissistic personality. Then, in the dynamics of the group, filming becomes a way to demonstrate something to others “, explains to ilGiornale.it Dr. Fabrizio Quattrini, psychologist, psychotherapist and clinical sexologist as well as professor of the Clinic of Paraphilias and Deviance at the University of L ‘Eagle.

Professor Quattrini, is there a definition for group rape?

“Group rape is a mode of ‘sexual offending’, that is the exercise of violence through the sexual act against a victim, generally an adult deemed vulnerable or a minor”.

What is the reason why two or more young boys follow up on group violence?

“The reasons can be many, unfortunately there is no standard answer. Basically, however, I believe that these behaviors can be traced back to a common matrix, that is to the total absence of respect and perception of the other as a ‘person other than oneself’. occurs when, during the developmental stages preceding early adulthood, the concept of diversity has not matured or an educational model capable of responding adequately to the curiosities about new situations – ‘different’, precisely – in the course of childhood or adolescence. From these assumptions a series of strongly deviant actions and behaviors can derive: above all sexual violence “.

Is the ultimate purpose of an abuse hatched by a group of peers to get pleasure or is there more?

“Pleasure is present in an act of sexual sadism, but not in the case of group rape or sexual assault. In general, sexual offenders – the perpetrators of sexual offenders – intend to humiliate the victim, reduce her to an object: they want harm her. There is no consensus among all the parties involved, otherwise we will not talk about rape but about paraphilias “.

What is the difference between deviant sexual behavior and a paraphilia then?

“Paraphilia is an atypical, unconventional way of experiencing sexuality. Deviant sexual behavior diverges from normality to the point of causing harm to the other person involved in the relationship.”

Can alcohol abuse lead to deviant sexual behavior?

“Alcohol is a contributing situation that amplifies the dimension of deviance, an aggravating factor. But it certainly does not justify or explain a rape. All sexual offenders start from a condition of dysfunctionality and discomfort at the personal, family or social level that sometimes they manifest through the expression of a violent sexuality “.

Can we define these subjects as “pathological cases”?

“Explicit sexual behavior does not necessarily imply a pathological condition. To put it bluntly, there is something in the maturation process that has ‘gone wrong’ and that, in the later stages of growth , it can be devastating to another person “.

Returning to gang rape, why do offenders often film the victim during the violent act?

“I think it’s linked a lot to a narcissistic personality aspect. Then, in the dynamic of the group, filming becomes a way to demonstrate something to others.”

Prove what and to whom?

“The answers can be multiple. It can be an action of revenge against parents or society, or against themselves. Then I believe that the social dimension has also done a lot in this tendency to continuously film and share what happens during the day. With this I do not mean to demonize the web and the various communication platforms. On the contrary, I believe that the internet is a great resource for young people. The problem is that, by dint of ‘posting’, the contents are completely emptied of their meaning. where filming one’s morning routine or a socially serious action, such as in the case of a rape, becomes normal. “

Sex offenders sometimes deny violence. Why?

“Denial is a defensive mechanism that occurs at an intrapsychic level. There is an initial, conscious, defense and protection part: ‘I deny myself whatever may have happened. I deny it so well, and I believe in it with such firmness , which in the end I am convinced it never existed. The next phase, on the other hand, is totally unconscious. This is why, over time, the perpetrator of the sex offender tends to completely remove the gravity of what he has committed “.

In these cases, is there a risk of recurrence?

“It depends on the individuals involved and on the personal characteristics of each one. However, the cases indicate that the risk of recidivism for sexual offenses is very high”.

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