Covid, eight out of ten Italians vaccinated in September | The farewell to hubs and the hypothesis of the third dose against variants

After 13 million vaccinated people, almost one in 4 Italians (24.01%), with over 22 million doses arriving in June and the threshold of stable administrations above 500 thousand per day, Commissioner Figliuolo indicates the plan for Autumn. The opportunity to take stock of the first three months at the helm of the commissioner structure and trace the lines of those that will come after the summer, is offered by the hearing in the Chamber of the Budget Commission, where the Sostegni decree is under discussion.

General Figliuolo’s goal

By September 30, the general says, we will have vaccinated 80% of the population, that is 54.3 million Italians including those between 12 and 15 years old, for whom only Pfizer’s vaccine is currently authorized. with Moderna which today asked the EMA for authorization also for adolescents. To achieve the goal of the end of September, however, the Commissioner stresses, it is necessary to continue on the path taken: collaboration with the Regions, whose involvement is of “vital importance”, “flexible” procedures for bookings in August, and to maintain targets of at least 500 thousand injections a day, continue to “favor” the administration to the over 60 and the frail.

Overcoming hubs in autumn

A new strategy will be needed with the autumn. That starts from overcoming the emergency management of the pandemic. The “powerful and complex” machinery of the commissioner structure will have to “gradually lead” to an ordinary management of health care activities by the competent central and local administrations. The general does not indicate a date but makes his idea understood: a progressive absorption of the commissioner structure in the Civil Protection, which will deal with procurement, logistics and distribution of devices and vaccines, and return to the territories of the management of all health aspects.

The hypothesis of a third dose

Ordinary management also brings with it the overcoming of hubs. In essence, there will be a “gradual but necessary” transition from vaccinations carried out in a centralized manner to a system of “delocalized vaccinations, much more widespread and close to citizens”, using family doctors, pediatricians and pharmacies. The ordinariness must also be considered in the light of the possibility of having to proceed with a third dose of the vaccine. At the moment, the belief of most scientists is that immunity lasts for about a year and, therefore, it is necessary to “organize ourselves for the recalls” says the general, also in light of the variants that continue to mutate the virus.


Yes to private parties in 7 Regions

From today, in the meantime, the anti-Covid restrictions are further loosened. We return to party in four other regions, now seven in all. But it is still forbidden to organize parties at home or dance in discos, which remain closed at least for the entire month of June. In the puzzle of the new measures in the white zone, the last negotiation on the table of politics concerns the restart of the fun of the people of the night. After the postponement of the curfew at midnight in the yellow zones, it is now the theme of fun in the lower risk range that divides.

Waiting on the discos

In the next few hours, the Italian union of dance clubs (Silb) will meet the undersecretary Andrea Costa at the Ministry of Health, whom he had asked to be heard. The same request came from the managers of Confindustria’s ‘Asso Entertainment’ discos, who could meet Costa in the following days. On the subject, Minister Speranza – who had even shown an openness in view of future evaluations – remains cautious and has not yet pronounced himself, but the pressure of the center-right, in addition to that of the sector, rises.


“Yes to the green pass, but without masks” “We propose to start again from July – explains the president of Asso Entertainment, Luciano Zanchi – but it is clear that our job is the gathering. People come to the disco to socialize because they are places suitable for welcoming people, so it is not possible to keep the mask on the track, where you can dance and sweat. We are absolutely in favor of entering with the green pass and tracking, therefore only people with antibodies or otherwise negative results would enter the premises. This is why it would be impossible to make the use mandatory of the template “.

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