Maturity 2021, activities to support the procedure and obligations on data communication: the 4 phases. NOTE

The Ministry of Education has published a note with which it provides information to schools regarding support activities and the obligations on the communication of data regarding the state exams of the upper secondary school.

Starting from 7 June 2021, schools will have to carry out a series of activities aimed at detecting the results of the second degree State Exams.

The procedure for communicating the data repeats that of the previous school years, which, following the computerization of the ES0 models and the ES-C models (proposals for configuring the commissions and designating exam commissioners), simplifies and streamlines the relative activities.

First phase: PRESENTATION OF CANDIDATES (by the school secretariats)

From the June 7, 2021 until the Commission takes office:

the school secretariats, by accessing the SIDI, in the Pupils – Pupils Management – “State Exam Results” area perform the following operations:

• importing and checking the candidate / commission combinations proposed on the basis of the ES0 models, using the “Importing combinations” function. If necessary, it is possible to correct the combinations proposed by the system by intervening directly on the SIDI, using the “Candidates-Commissions Matching” function, to match the class or group of students to the corresponding class or group present in the configuration of the commission. The matching must be made for all students ATTENDING the final classes;

• insertion, for each internal candidate, of the presentation data (result of the final ballot, school credit, possible insertion of the admission resolution, requirement for honors, total credit given by the sum of the credits of the 3 years) directly on the SIDI ” sending a flow generated by the local package in use at the school.

The class council, in the final ballot, converts the scholastic credit attributed at the end of the third class and the fourth class and the attribution of the scholastic credit for the fifth class on the basis of tables A, B and C, respectively. to annex A of OM 53/2021.

• Import of “other candidates” (external candidates, from other schools, abbreviation for merit), already registered in the “Final Classes Dashboard” in the National Student Registry, through the “Admission to exams – Other candidates” function and then insertion of the relative credits and other admission data.

As indicated in Note n.7116 of 02/04/2021 of the Directorate General for school systems, evaluation and internationalization, we remind you that after the presentation of the candidates and before the installation of the Examination Commissions, the secretariats proceed with the pre-exam consolidation of the Curriculum by accessing the appropriate section of the Student Registry. With this operation, the curriculum is made available to the Commissions for its enhancement in the exam interview.

From 10 June 2021:

choice of the software application to support the work of the Commission.

If the Commission chooses to use “Web Commission” (CW) it is necessary to:

• import the name of the President and verify the associations of the names of the member to the commission / class and the assignment to the exam subjects. If necessary, it is possible to make the change by intervening directly on SIDI;

• to enable, upon notification of the President (enabled automatically), the members of the Commission, already registered on the MI portal, on the basis of the association with the exam class. In this regard, the school secretariats of state schools are invited to give the maximum collaboration for the recognition of teachers of peer schools, identified as internal commissioners, who need the appropriate authorization to access the Web Commission.

• closure of the presentation activity.

It should be noted that, even if the commission does not use the “Web Commission”, the “CANDIDATE PRESENTATION” activities must always be carried out on SIDI by the school secretariat in order to simplify the subsequent importation of the outcome into SIDI itself. exams.

Second phase: WORK OF THE COMMISSION (by the Examination Commissions in accordance with the provisions of OM n.53 / 2021)

The “Web Commission” (CW) application accompanies the Commission’s work in the various stages envisaged. If the Commission has decided to use an application other than the “Web Commission” for the management of the exam, it is necessary to export the candidate presentation data from SIDI for their import into the chosen application.

Third phase: COMMUNICATION OF THE RESULTS OF THE STATE EXAMS (by the school secretaries starting from 05 July 2021)

The school secretariats carry out the following operations on SIDI:

1) if the commission has used “Web Commission” it is sufficient to verify the correct import of the data in the SIDI (loading done automatically when the closure of the activity on CW is declared). Any changes to the data of the pupils’ results must be made exclusively by the Commission by returning to CW;
if the commission used another application, send the flow from the application to SIDI and check the correct import of the data. Also in this case any changes to the data must be made by the Commission by re-entering the application and sending the new flow; if the commission has not used any application, enter the result of the final outcome of all candidates directly in the “State Exam Results” area.

2) conclude the transmission of the results by using the “Close activity” function, present in the area.

Fourth phase: FINAL FULFILLMENTS (by the school secretariats)

The school secretaries perform the following operations:

1) production of the Certificate (for carrying out differentiated tests);

2) production of the Diploma (in A3 format);

3) production of the Europass Certificate Supplement (OM n.53 / 2021 – art 24).

The Supplements are made available to schools in the specific SIDI area. Pupils Management – State Exams – Final Requirements. Each certificate will be automatically pre-filled with the data of the school, of the graduate and with the reference to the diploma number of which it constitutes a supplement; 4) post-exam consolidation of the student’s Curriculum referred to in the decree of the Minister of Education August 6, 2020, n. 88, as indicated in Note n.7116 of 02/04/2021 of the Directorate General for school systems, evaluation and internationalization.

It should be noted that this last phase concerns support functions for the secretariat to be performed on the SIDI; the operations described, as usual, can also be carried out through specific applications made available by local software suppliers. Attention is drawn to the fact that the phases described are linked to each other so that the activation of each one is subject to the conclusion of the previous one.

If the Commission that used the “Web Commission” has concluded the work but has not formally declared the closure of the activities, the school secretariat may, after consulting the President of the Commission, declare the work of the Commission concluded by using a specific function on the Sidi present in the section “Exam tests”.

As regards the schools where the ESABAC and ESABAC TECHNO experimental projects are present, a shared platform is set up to support the process and the consequent release of diplomas (double Italian and French diploma); the IT procedures relating to data management and the production of certificates will be communicated directly to the schools concerned.



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