Comunali Roma 2021: Gualtieri and Raggi compete on the tramways – Politics

Comunali Roma 2021: Gualtieri and Raggi compete on the tramways – Politics
Comunali Roma 2021: Gualtieri and Raggi compete on the tramways – Politics

Rome, 7 June 2021 – The electoral campaign for the Capitol is played on the tramways. For days, the mayoral candidates for the capital, from Rays a Gualtieri, announce plans for new tram lines, promising to improve the public transport in Rome.

Today Roberto Gualtieri, leading name of the Democratic Party in the municipal elections of September 2021, during a meeting with the citizens at Fornace Veschi, he proposed to speed up the times to carry out two projects: the Colombo corridor between Acilia e Ostia, set up for electric buses, and a tramway connecting the Corviale with Venice plaza.

Electric buses on the Cristoforo Colombo and trams from Corviale to Porta Venezia

The first proposal, as regards via Cristoforo Colombo, plans to use the coplanar as lanes dedicated to electric buses and thus have the possibility to create cycle paths insecurity. Gualtieri asked to switch from the pre-feasibility study to that of technical-economic feasibility to speed up project times.

“The second proposal concerns the tramway that connects a branch of the tram 8 to Corviale”Explained the center-left candidate for mayor. Therefore, “an itinerary that allows the construction of a fast tramway that would connect to the historic center – added Gualtieri – a peripheral area of ​​Rome totally devoid of means of connection by rail”. Also in this case the technical-economic feasibility project is necessary with the idea, promised Gualtieri, to ask for resources with the next budget law in autumn.

The five tramways in Recovery

This morning, talking about trams on Facebook, was instead the deputy mayor of Rome and Councilor for Mobility, Pietro Calabrese, satisfied with having obtained the inclusion of the projects for five tram lines in Recovery Plan: “This is the best answer to those who for months have tried in all possible ways to deceive the Romans by declaring that the capital had been excluded from Pnrr because we hadn’t made the plans ”, wrote Calabrese.

“Projects, on the other hand, already presented and also financed in February 2020, such as the three tramways Togliatti, Termini-Tor Vergata e Tiburtina, in addition to those presented last January for the Termini-Vatican-Aurelia and the tram of the Forums, all five included in the Pnrr ”, concluded the commissioner. Now all we need to do is start the works and finish them on schedule, in view of the 2025 Jubilee.

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