Doubts about the citizenship of Harry and Meghan’s daughter

Doubts about the citizenship of Harry and Meghan’s daughter
Doubts about the citizenship of Harry and Meghan’s daughter

The daughter of Harry e Meghan she is just over 72 hours old, weighs 3.3 kilos and is already projected on her forecasts, questions and even some daydreams. We know that Lilibet Diana bears two very important but uncomfortable names, which have attracted attention and generated various controversies and criticisms. Especially the choice of the first name, perhaps a gamble since it is the nickname of the Queen in office.

No title but dual citizenship for baby Lilibet

Apparently, the little girl will not even have a noble title. At least for now. According to the law wanted by George V in 1917, in fact, only the grandchildren of the sovereign are automatically entitled to the title of princes and the treatment of royal height, not to the great-grandchildren (except for the eldest son and the first nephew of the Prince of Wales). There Queen Elizabeth he could circumvent the rule with a patent letter (already used also for Charlotte and Louis of Cambridge), but such an eventuality seems unlikely.

Among other things, if this really happens, accepting a noble title for little Lilibet Diana would be an inconsistent choice on the part of Harry and Meghan, who have given up their role as court and continue to shoot zero on the Windsor. There is also another unknown, proposed by the Daily Mail: which citizenship will the child have, British or American? The solution may lie somewhere in between. Why not both? After all, Archie also has dual citizenship.

The principe Harry was born in Great Britain, Meghan Markle in California, so their children are entitled to both citizenships. This situation opens the door to a scenario that Vanity Fair defines “Political fiction”. Maybe it’s really just fantasy, but there are some interesting implications, which are worth observing.

Baby Lilibet at the White House?

Lilibet Diana it is eighth in line of succession to the British throne. While it is nearly impossible for him to reign, it is by no means unlikely that one day he will become president of the United States. Yes, it is true, it is premature to talk about such a thing, also because no one knows the future or knows what the child will choose for herself once she grows up. But he could really become the first American head of state descended from the most important family in the world and, at the same time, in the shortlist of candidates for the line of succession.

In the figure of the daughter of Harry and Meghan two different political systems would approach each other. In addition, the second daughter of the Sussexes holds the primacy of first royal baby born outside the UK. If, one day, baby Lilibet really crossed the threshold of the White House, it would be intriguing to understand how diplomatic relations between the United States and Great Britain could evolve. In the meantime, let’s keep our feet on the ground in the here and now. The child, without knowing it, already has her first diplomatic “task”: to make peace between her parents and the Windsors.

The royal family, temporarily shelved the differences with Harry and Meghan, greeted the arrival of the little girl with a note from the Palace in which we read: “The Queen, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been informed and are delighted by the news of the birth of a daughter for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”. This press release was followed by the social messages of the other family members. The presence of Lilibet Diana to end the war between the dukes and the Firm?

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